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SDSU Computer Science Professor, Emerita (retired) since June2013

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Personal archive of Edcenter webpage October 1997 - December 2004
Leonary Nimoy, my childhood hero
kris.stewart.g Kris Stewart Facebook link tied to email.

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SC'97 A History of the Internet: 1962-1992 click on image to enlarge

1985-2010, 20year history of SDSC click on image to enlarge

Handy html for math symbols and equations

  1. Character Entity References Defined in HTML 4.0
  2. Graham Quin HTML 4 codes
  3. Mathematical, Greek and Symbolic characters for HTML NIST Digital Library of Mathematical Functions

Asynchronous Computing Ivan Sutherland; Kyoto Prize Lecture at SDSU 13March2013, Asynchronous Computing workshop at CalIT2/UCSD 15March2013 details

Calculate Transfer times for network connection based on file size [1000 MB = 1 GigaByte, a small thumb drive these days]

Teach Courage thank you Prof. Khaleel Mohammed MLK Montgomery Story Comic in Farsi for your presentation on "Teaching Courage" at SDSU 17March2011. doc from People & Power (Aljazeera) on the April 6 team that helped organize Egyptian revolution Feb 2011. A Tunisian-Egyptian Link That Shook Arab History

Michael Robertson, SDSC's Mr.Mac and

Keck Foundation Computational Science modules - Kris wrote 3 modules for computer science - topic Computable Metrics in 2006.

Courses I taught at SDSU over my 29 year career:
Numerical analysis: Math 693a&b, Math541, Math542, CS575 Supercomputing for the Sciences, CS524 Compiler Construction, CS583 3d Game Programming, CS310 Data Structures, CS440 Social and Ethical Issues in Computing, CS301 Computers and Society, CS 101 Information Technology and Society,
Spr2013-Fall05, member then chair of IIT Committee of University Senate
Walt Disney, a Major Influence in Kris Stewart's Life
Disney Wonder Cruise Ship at SD Broadway Pier21sept2012 first time ever in San Diego
Walt Disney Reanimated, The Chronicle Review 21March2010
YouTube John Blackstone CBS Sunday Morning News John Blackstone of CBS Sunday Morning News takes a tour around The Walt Disney Family Museum, which opened October 1, 2009 in the Presidio of San Francisco. Original air date: September 27, 2009.
my movie Disney Wonder Cruise Ship 12oct2012, Broadway Pier, San Diego Embarcadero, 4th and final time in port

Kris Stewart
CS Professor, Emerita
Computer Science Department
ACM TechNews
San Diego State University
Talks presented by Stewart
Stewart is proud Alumni of SDSU ('79)
Program Coordinator [formally 1993-1997] of STEP (Supercomputer Teacher Enhancement Program) courtesy of the WayBack Machine you can access the curricula still STEP 1995 STEP participants at SDSC
Member, by marriage to Glen Stewart (carpenter), of the Swamis Surfing Association Tribe SSA
Faithful Worshipper of Eric Clapton Kris' favorites online
Kris and Glen first saw Clapton 03May1990 at the S.D. Sports Arena, during the Journeyman tour setlist.
Subsequently, at SDSU Cox Arena/Pilgrim [26May1998] setlist; Staples Center/LA [18Aug2001, OMCOMR setlist] and Hollywood Bowl/Sessions for Robert J. [02Aug2004 setlist] joined The Gang in a limo ride to Hollywood;
Clapton (with JJ Cale sitting in) SD Sports Arena 15March2007
2 JJ text; 25March2007 Clapton in Edmonton, Rexall Place w Jeannie setlist
30 June 2009 w Dave & JudieS Clapton-Winwood at the Hollywood Bowl setlist local copy ; 06March2011 Great! at SD Sports Arena set list; 20May2015 70th bday at RAH setlist; local copy details 18Sept2017 The Forum, Inglewood, resched from 26March2017 The Forum setlist, with Jimmie Vaughn and Gary Clark Jr., celebrate 50 Years of Music local copy setlist & band

DeltaNick history of EC 11july06 - Slowhand Listserve (Thank you DN)

Status for Kris' rough water swim seasons
Kris' hobby of raising anise swallowtail butterflies in back yard Encinitas
2nd (L) Knee Replaced 25may2012 R knee done 2002

before after;

simulation was useful now only have YouTube
GBNP Great Basin National Park, Nevada, Clear Sky Chart graphic of visible sky

Learned of following realtime Earth/Moon Phase View from surfer MishFish blog both from Northern Hemisphere focus & Southern

Some Photos various "my stuff" items
picasaweb public albums [Finding Nemo, HanaleiJan08, Yuma Crossing, Tortilla Flat, Goldfield, Chiricahua, Tombstone, Saguaro Nat. Park, Space Age Lodge GilaBend ] The SDRM in Campo from Robert Rael. Kris is a Lifetime member
Kris' Jobs (with pictures)

Kris' hobby of raising Anise Swallowtail Butterfies in the kitchen & in the yard
Kris Stewart as Open Water Swimmer 2006 had a good summer.
Kris Stewart Summer 2007 was pretty good, too

Walt's Barn in Griffith Park, visit & explore Uncle Robert and Aunt Charlotee home near Griffith Park 17Dec06

Aug2006 Disneyland / California Adventure fan Jan2007 10Jan07 Kris' birthday
June 2007 07June07 Finding Nemo Submarine Reopens
Spring Break 2008 Rd Trip to Mesa AZ (Jeannie) & Chiricahua Nat'l Monument (remember Geronimo & Chiricahua Apache?)

Kris Stewart has MS (multiple sclerosis) 07 March 2014

Douglas Adams (DNA), a true futurist

Summer 07 [Microsoft XNA curricula / pICT / Library & SDSU Data Central / ATSF 2381]

Summer 06 [JSB John Seely Brown / pICT workshop / Professional Rebirth for Kris]
Stewart's Focus on 3d Game Programming for CS 2009

Wendy Beard, Kris Beard until 26 March 1975 when Glen Stewart married me in Las Vegas., Kris Stewart Linked-In link Kris KPBS - dot - org Kris Stewart Facebook link kris.stewart was taken - so added g for glen JFK at 1963 Commencement at San Diego State [SDSU Library & Information Access link Spr2010]
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ECCSE [WayBack Machine]
STEP [WayBack Machine] [ in the Internet Archive]
CyberBridge Summer 2010 glogster connection Cyberbridge 2010-2011 wiki [thanks bernie d.]