Kris Stewart's Timeline of key activities - Part 2 [1990-2013]

28 Nov 2021 update

Timeline - Part 1 [Overview of my life, childhood & circumstances before tenure at SDSU]

1990 - 1993 NSF grant #9015552 "Undergraduate Curriculum Development in Advanced Computing" to San Diego Supercomputer Center to provide my summer salary for 3 years to develop and then present Summer Workshops at SDSC for faculty from the U.S. to develop courses at their home institutions in advanced computing at the undergraduate level. ScrCap of original NSF award

May 1991 Tenure/Assoc Professor, right at the 7 year deadline

19 July 1991 Dr. George A. Spinka writes brief clinical history of my MS for NIH tryptophan study by Dr. David Michaelson. Price Club, now known as Costco, told NIH of my purchases of tryptophan. Dr. Spinka first saw me Jan '87 when I told him of optic neuritis in left eye Christmas 1984.
Spinka report stated:
Sept '97 4 weeks cognitive impairment due to impaired memory, but no difficulty with problem solving tasks. Electroencephalogram was normal, MRI brain scan revealed diffuse bilateral supratentorial white matter lesions plus legions in the mid-pons and left middle cerebrellar pinnacle, concistent with demyelinating disease.
August 1990 numbness in left lower extremity. These symptons completely resolved within several weeks and no new symptoms since then.
MS remains the best explanation.

Nov '91 - Supercomputing '91 in Albuquerque has Kris at SDSC booth promoting Computational Science at Undergraduate Level at San Diego State University

16 Jan '92 - Clapton MTV Unplugged performance recording with March TV broadcast of show. Highlights for me were acoustic Layla and My Fathers Eyes. Clapton won 6 Grammy Awards at 35th Annual in 1993 based on album. Record of Year, Album of Year, Song of year - Tears in Heaven, version from movie Rush, Best Pop Vocal-Male, Best Rock Vocal-Male, Best Rock Song - Layla

11 Sept 1992 Iniki, category 4 Hurricane, demolishes Kauai Turners and Kitches were vacationing there at the time.

July'93-STEP, Supercomputer Teacher Enhancement Program, first summer workshop at SDSC
Notes available - only available through Wayback Machine Internet Archive. 27Oct2021
For historical interest, click on following link to see index to files still available from a "TAR" archive of original notes in Microsoft Word.
STEP FTP Tar. Download this file and use a TAR extracting app for your particular system. Successfully used PeaZip, free archiver utility. 27Oct2021
Intro as pdf 6 page Introduction handout for July 1993 4 week workshop as PDF and
STEP Syllabus detailed syllabus of topics to be covered for the high school science teachers in 4 weeks at the San Diego Supercomputer Center, SDSC 6-30 July 1993

17 Jan 1994 Northridge earthquake (ML=6.4) recorded by 65 stations

Spr 1994, my web page starts. This is first faculty page at SDSU, thanks to Lloyd Fosdick, CU Boulder Computational Science Project, for showing me NCSA Mosaic when I visited Boulder CO.
Wayback Machine 27 Nov 1996 or you can view my current page, with slight URL change dictated by SDSU network requirements: 27 Oct 2021

Apr 8, 1994 Kurt Cobain Dies The body of Kurt Cobain, front man for the band Nirvana, is discovered in his home near Seattle, Washington. Autopsy reports conclude that Cobain died approximately three days earlier of a "self-inflicted shotgun wound to the head."

July 1994 2nd workshop at SDSC - STEP shifts gears to change focus to browser use for teaching in high school classrooms, along with visualization tools online.

July 1995 3rd workshop at SDSC - STEP teachers preview their curricula using browsers, which they plan to share at Supercomputing '95 at San Diego Convention Center. Dr. Sid Karin, SDSC founder & director, is Chair of SC'95. STEP demos are a hit for SD county high school teachers

1996 June04 STEP Joins Computerworld/Smithsonian IT Collection STEP Joins Computerworld / Smithsonian Information Technology Collection Supercomputer Teacher Enhancement Program (STEP) Developed By: San Diego Supercomputer Center, Inservice training of secondary school science teachers reduces the time lag from when science is created at the supercomputer center to when it becomes part of the curriculum.

Summer 1996 I turn 45 years old, a new age group for summer swims, named US Masters Swim all American distance swimmer.

1996 Nov College of Sciences Dean Don Short does NOT support my promotion to Prof

1997 I start using Picasaweb for online photo albums, now called Google Album Archive You'll have to wait for me to log in to see the albums these days.

1997 Nov SC'97 San Jose - 50 year birthday of computers - STEP success for SDSC STEP: A Case Study on Building a Bridge between HPC Technologies and the Secondary Classroom, by Kris Stewart and Janet Bowers

1997 Oct10 Ed Center on Computational Science & Engineering has its open house at SDSU. This is the CSU / SDSU Partnership activity in the NPACI at SDSC. NPACI starts (thanks Dr. Sid Karin for inviting me to be part of the National Partnership for Advanced Computational Instructure) Way Back Machine record of SDSC pub, scroll down to find 'Enhancing Undergraduate Curriculum through NPACI's Ed Center' Enhancing Undergraduate Curriculum thourhg NPACI's Ed Center

'98/99 promoted to Professor [Steve Roeder, Dean of Sciences, Nancy Marlin, Provost]

28may98 clapton @ cox arena SDSU w/gang & thanks to joe vasquez for good tickets

1998 Lollapalooza Declines RANGEEND_LOLLA By 1996, the touring music festival Lollapalooza, tainted by the death of Nirvana front man Kurt Cobain, begins its ultimate decline. Founder Perry Ferrell, who had created the event to showcase new, edgy rock and hip-hop acts, quits. Fans of the event become disillusioned by the more "mainstream" acts on the line-ups and increasing violence at the shows. The festival tour, after a seven-year run, will be cancelled in 1998. It will be revived, with only minimal success, by Ferrell himself in 2003.

April 2000 NSF, National Science Foundation, Nifty 50 celebration:
#37 is The PACI Program The PACI - NCSA and NPACI, I was part of; my other favorite is
#28 The Internet NSFNET until 1995, then allowing public use of the network.

01jan2001 Eric Clapton marries Melia in Surrey. She is front Columbus OH

Jan 2001 Kris turns 50. I celebrate at the JCC swimming 50 laps to Perri Como Show song 'Fifty nifty United States.' I can still recite the states in alphabetical order

23july01 My neurologist Dr. Spinka says MRI indicate I would benefit by being on one of the ABC drugs, he felt copaxone fit my life style best. So I started my daily injections.

18aug01 EC @ Staples Arena LA, thanks to Slowhand listserv member in Diamond Bar, CA with extra tickets. This tour supports EC's album "Reptile" and the setlist was Key to the Highway, Reptile, Got You on My Mind, Tears in Heaven, Bell Bottom Blues, Change the World, My Father's Eyes, River of Tears, Goin' Down Slow, She's Gone, I Want a Little Girl, Badge, I'm Your Hoochie Coochie Man, Have You Ever Loved a Woman, Cocaine (J.J. Cale cover), Wonderful Tonight, Layla, Will It Go Round in Circles (Billy Preston cover) Encore: Sunshine of Your Love, Over the Rainbow

11 Nov 2001 - World Trade Center Towers fall

21june02 knee replaced [Ned Young Surgeon, left quite a scar]

07july2002 SIAM in Philadelphia - Lourdes Mark loaned me her collapsable wheelchair to get me to see the Liberty Bell

apr 2003 (1 week) New Orleans with Glen for SDSU spring break

23apr03 - Jack D. my physical therpist says I've graduate knee therapy (zion)

June 2003 SIAM in Montreal, Ontario, Canada. Kris presents

14aug03 - RdTrip with Pattie G. to Laguna Seca Monterey Historic Cars. We stop at Walts Barn in Griffith Park on return.

oct03 - San Diego - Cedar Fire Storms

nov03 SC '03 in Phoenix AZ

Apr 2004 purchase suburu (bob baker carlsbad - finance with chase 1.9% $440/mo) 1-800-662-3325 left to pay $1757 dec07

May 2004, Kris is elected to the SDSU University Senate.
Each member is asked to participate in a Senate Committee and it is suggested that IT would fit me best. I was aware enough of campus life to ask to verify - IT = Instructional Technology, not Information Technology, right? Yes

11 June 2004 Seussentential Del Mar Fair, I've been a big Ted Geisel fan for ages

20june04 Selma Douglas passes, she was 103 3/4 years old.

12-16 July 2004 SIAM Portland OR, meet up with Patty C. We run into Dave K just walking down the street, what a small world it is.

25 July 2004 fly to West Point NY for EOT-PACI discussions on game program platforms for HPC education teams. Great for a Marine Corps brat like me!

02 Aug 2004 EC Hollywood Bowl. We hired a Hummer limo with the gang, not all that comfy travel, but enjoyed the music. This tour was supporting EC's release "Me and Mr. Johnson". The band was Steve Gadd, Nathan East, Doyle Bramhall II, Chris Stainton, Billy Preston with Michelle John and Sharon White vocals. The set list was Let It Rain, I'm Your Hoochie Coochie Man, Walk Out in the Rain, I Want a Little Girl, I Shot the Sheriff, Me and the Devil Blues, They're Red Hot, Milkcow's Calf Blues, If I Had Possession Over Judgment Day, Kind Hearted Woman Blues, Got to Get Better in a Little While, Have You Ever Loved a Woman, Badge, Wonderful Tonight, Layla, Cocaine; ENCORE Sunshine of Your Love, Got My Mojo Working. Robert Randolph and the Family Band were the lead act and Robert Randolph joined EC towards the end of final set.

10 Dec 2005 - Richard Pryor, RIP age 65, he had MS

Oct 2005 Guitar Hero Guitar Hero debuts on Sony's PlayStation 2 video game console, allowing gamers to rock out on a plastic guitar in synchronization with digitized axe gods. The addictive game soon becomes a nationwide sensation, with sales of the game and its sequels exceeding $1 billion by 2008. Guitar Hero helps lead to a resurgence in popularity for many of the classic rock acts featured in its gameplay.

15mar07-EC(& J J Cale) Sports Arena (Rick W. got our tickets) Derek Trucks & Doyle Bramhall II Where;s Eric review & set list
25mar07-EC in Edmonton, Alberta - thanks Jeannie for getting tickets!

24oct-01nov2007 San Diego Fire Storm - SDSU (and city) shut down for a week, giving roads to firefighters/first-responders

30june2009 - Clapton Winwood Hollywood Bowl (with dave and judie swinnerton)

06nov2010 - Kaiser MS symposium-met dr. jaffe (rehab doctor - exercise+MS good
15dec2010 - learned from dr. jaffe my proprioceptors need work

06-20jan2011 - Disney Wonder Cruise thru Panama Canal (Kris' 60th bday)

06march2011 - Clapton at Sports Arena (Valley View Casino Center, SD)

11march2011 - started with Ampyra (Dr. Jaffe, Kaiser recommended) to increase balance/strenth combatting MS

11aug2011 - Keb' Mo' at Humphrey's with Gunnar/Scarlett - WOW! reviewed Honeydripper and Can't You Hear the Wind Howl?

14Oct2011 - Glen and I go to the Pasadena Heritage Week for Bus Tour of Greene & Greene homes with tour of Bolton House interior [Glen's work] - fantastic!

18oct2011 - Pearl Jam 20 - KPBS Producers Club event at Stone Brewery with the gang

Dr. Ivan Sutherland won Kyoto Prize 2012, lecture SDSU 13March2013 Not only did Professor Sutherland give a fascinating viewpoint as "Father of Computer Graphics" in his lecture on campus, he also presented at workshop at CalITs the following Friday on Asyncronous Computing which I attended along with several students from CS 583 3D Game Programming course.

30June2013 Retire from SDSU after 29 years, ending as Computer Science Professor and chair of University Senate IIT (Instructional & Information Technology) standing committee

Summer 2013 Rocky Mt MS Center Brain Drain Excellent treatment of Cognition Disfunction (good thing I retired June 2013)