Mr. Peabody and his boy Sherman
WayBack Machine by Kris Stewart

Upd: 15 April 2022
The, WayBack Machine
The WayBack Machine, is an Internet archive that keeps track of "the internet" in its entirety, by year. By entering a URL, you may find web page that you remember "used to be there" but is "unfound" now. How it works. [current]*/ my home page back to 1996 (actually started in 1994) until 2016; SDSU required URL change -Saved 116 times between November 27, 1996 and July 27, 2016.*/ my home page back from 2017 til now - Saved 74 times between June 22, 2017 and April 4, 2022. [wikipedia]
Kris Stewart (formerly Wendy Beard) is a big fan of the TV cartoon Rocky and Bullwinkle. I always liked Bullwinkle best, Rocky was just too goody-two-shoes for me. Helps explain why I'm so fond of moose in the wild. Second best was Dudley Do Right of the Mounties. I guess I was destined to marry a Canadian, eh? was created by Ted Key.

Cartoon characters Mr. Peabody and Sherman and the WayBack Machine
Mr. Peabody and his boy Sherman in front of the WayBack Machine preparing for another Peabody's Improbably History adventure.