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"Hardwre Requirements for XNA Framework games on Windows is a graphics card that support Shader Model 1.1 required. This book has some samples that use Shader Model 2.0 and a couple that use Shader Model 3.0."

Shader, wikipedia
"A shader in the field of computer graphics is a set of software instructions, which is used primarily to calculate rendering effects on graphics hardware with a high degree of flexibility. Shaders are used to program the graphics processing unit (GPU) programmable rendering pipeline, which has mostly superseded the fixed-function pipeline that allowed only common geometry transformation and pixel shading functions; with shaders, customized effects can be used."
wikipedia Shader - Realtime, Logical
"A shader is essentially a computer program[1] executed on a special environment[2][3]. This article specifically covers realtime shaders which are shaders meant to execute on consumer GPUs. Although shaders were introduced for graphics related tasks which still hold a major part of their applications, shaders can also be used for more generic computation, just as generic programs can be used to compute arbitrary data. As the computational power of GPUs continue to raise faster than conventional CPUs, the interest in shader programming attracts more and more attention. This actually requires to rethink algorithms or problems to fit the stream processing paradigm.
The goal of this article is to provide a look at the most important concepts concerning shaders in most important APIs such as OpenGL and Direct3D. The reader is assumed to be proficient with 3D graphics, a graphics API and fourth generation shading pipelines."
Shaders from www.coniserver.net/wiki/index.php/Shaders

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