Last Class Day - Spring 2009
12 May 2009

Tools useful with XNA Game Studio 2.0
I would also like to collect your recommended tools that you have found useful this semester to help with XNA Game Studio 2.0 development. Some have been mentioned in class, but I did not always catch the details.
  1. Xn View - free software to view graphics files and convert PCL/PS to and from TIFF/JPG
  2. software to test hardware systems in GMCS 425 for XNA capabilities/compatibilities ???

Turning in final group game - any trouble with accessing your H: drive?
Please review our 19 Feb 2009 Class presentation

Remote Desktop Connection (RDC) 19Feb2009
GMCS<-> Anywhere
Be sure to select [x] Files
Use Win Explorer to Move files
** added ** RDC connect
Remember to logoff from RDC Do not just close the window

Accounts for the Windows Systems in GMCS 425 CS Computer lab were distributed and everyone, who attended class Tuesday 17 Feb 2009, was successful in logging in from AH1112. Yahoo!
When I tried moving files from my home system to the H: drive of the GMCS class account (cs596a2##), I used drag and drop and that did not work. Our good friend, Bob Hilchey who joined us Tuesday, helped me discover that the way to move files from one system to another is:

  1. RDC to your class account (be sure [x] Files is selected)
  2. Windows Explorer running on our gateway system ( will display your files in your local directories as well as you directories for your class account (on the H: drive "cathouse").
  3. Using Win Explorer, you can move files around successfully. (fyi - I have Win Explorer on my local machine running on one monitor and Win Explorer on the RDC monitor and this should have worked! but did not. So Bob found our work-around.)

Any questions from the groups? See you in a week?
Opportunity for Graduate Research Programming position starting this sum mer
Stewart has an NSF funded research grant, working with Prof. K. Morsi (ME) and Prof. Mark Siprut (Graphic Arts), to build a simulation of the ME lab so that a larger group of engineering students can have a "virtual lab" experience using a game environment simulation.

We have funds for a graduate student to work on programming this game this summer. I would like you to build on your XNA programming experience from this class to work with a team of ME, graphics art and CS graduate students to accomplish this.

Send email to if you wish to apply to participate. Note: this is a different email from class group projects.

As announced that Thursday, we will have a guest discussion from Dr. Chris Harz about Serious Games. He will update us on the USC project.
USC VR Will Treat Stres s in Iraq War Vets