XBOX 360 background and GMCS 425 Setup
05 March 2009

Bob Hilchey thinks he will have the systems set up by late today.

GMCS 425 has 7 new PCs that will be running Vista, to provide the access to Media Center and the XBOX 360 systems. The lab monitors in GMCS 425 have a process setup to allow you to check out the XBOX controllers and headsets. Ask the Lab Monitor for the check-out list and then enter your name and RedID into the list in the locked cabinet at the back of the room. Show your RedID to the Lab Monitor, so they can verify your information. The controller also has a headset with microphone. In order to not impact other users of the lab, please configure the XBOX360 to send all output to the headphone and try to reduce the amount of speaking you do using the microphone. Please, this is a shared resource for ALL CS students.

Organization of GMCS 425 systems

Your class accounts (cs596a2##) will let you use Remote Desktop Connection (RDC) to securely connent to your class file space on \\cathouse from anywhere [AH1112, GMCS 425, home, work]. This protects your work and allows only you and the instructor the ability to examine your files.

The PCs with Vista/Ultimate and Media Center can be accessed via a new game_student login. This has been required due to difficulties configuring the systems to run Vista/Ultimate and be consistent with our campus network and firewall rules. For your development sessions, you should

  1. Login to one of the "new PCs" (back of GMCS425 - last 2 rows near windows) -
    Username: game_student
    Password: SprO9 "cap-oh" I will delete the password from this web page soon, so commit to memory.
  2. Use Desktop Icon for Remote Desktop Connection to connect to your account (cs596a2##) and download your files from your H: drive.
  3. Do your testing and development. Save your files to your class account H: drive.
  4. Logoff of Remote Desktop Connection
  5. Delete any local copies on the local system system.
  6. Logoff of PC (as game_student)

When finished, return your Controller and Headset to the Lab Monitor and make sure they update the Check-list.

Background on XBOX 360 hardware released by Microsoft 26April2005

Microsoft provides an on-line index to instruction manuals: