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Wed, May 20, 2009 -- Final Group Game has been acknowledged, if I heard from the POC

Hello Gamers -
I have now "reply all" to each of the Point of Contact (POC) for the teams who notified me that their group game was uploaded to their H: drive (with the directory name)

If you did not get a reply, then your POC did not cc: you on the notice to me, so contact your POC to ensure your codes have been received.

ITS (Instructional Technology Services) would really like your feedback on how well AH1112 served you and request your feedback on their survey

tinyurl.com/lrs-student-spr09 Student LRS survey link

Please copy and paste this link into your favorite browser and let them know.

Have a great summer - and remember - grades are due from me to the University by 11pm 26May2009.

I sure enjoyed your groups games yesterday! Congrats!

Kris Stewart stewart@rohan.sdsu.edu GMCS 535 Posted by: Kris Stewart

Mon, May 18, 2009 -- GMCS425 - Status - Please give Machine Name if reporting an issue

Hello Gamers -
Friday I was able to reset our PCs in GMCS 425 and network was fine. I came in this morning and PC 25 was fine, but I heard from a student that "none of the systems" were working. So, after a trip downstairs to check, found that most of the systems had lost their network settings.

Please note, each machine has a label at the top/front of the monitor with its name:

COSCSGM425PC## (## = 23,25,26,27,28,29,30)

If you find an issue with a system, please let me know which one is at fault. Thanks

Kris Stewart stewart@rohan.sdsu.edu GMCS 535 Posted by: Kris Stewart

Mon, May 18, 2009 -- Final Presentation Tues 3:30pm; and OH 10a-3p

Hello CS 596 students -
I will be holding office hours tomorrow from 10am until 3pm in my faculty office, GMCS 535. Please drop by if you have any questions before the groups present their final game tomorrow starting at 3:30pm in AH1112.

Also, do not forget that each group POC is expected to place their group final game codes on their H: drive associated with your class account, cs596a2##, along with the final documentation by midnight tomorrow. You should use a Folder name that is easily identifiable as your group final game, such as FinalGame.

I am on campus today trying to update the drivers for the Intel G33 graphics hardware in the GMCS 425 lab and work with students in my other class.

Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow

Kris Stewart stewart@rohan.sdsu.edu GMCS 535 Posted by: Kris Stewart

Thu, May 07, 2009 -- Thurs' Agenda for Class

I have posted an updated for our class activities for today (thur 07may2009) and next tues (12may2009 - last day) and wanted to send this announcement to reach a wide audience.

Please look at your Course Information

Nearing the End of the Semester - 07May2009


Our next to last class meeting today. Frenchies might present an update of their game and we have details to talk through.

Title/Splash screen on your final group game 
Serious Games presentation Tuesday from Chris Harz 
Opportunity for Graduate Research Programming position this summer 
CS 583 3D Game Programming is in printed catalog 
Software from MSDNAA that an XNA programmer could use 
See you soon.
Kris Stewart stewart@rohan.sdsu.edu GMCS 535 Posted by: Kris Stewart

Wed, Apr 29, 2009 -- Updates from class Tues - more time for paper and other details Hello Gamers -
In class yesterday, I had the request for a postponement of the due date for your research paper until after the weekend. It is not fair to those who will complete by the deadline (midnight thur 30apr09, so I will award 10% extra credit to those who email their research report, as an attachment, by the original deadline. For others - you may have until midnight Tuesday 05may09 to email your report. Please have the document in Word (.doc or .docx) or Adobe acrobat (.pdf) format.

Upcoming team draft game presentations: 
Thur (30apr): FDM (215), Joe's Mother (214), the Frenchies (218) and GPR (212) 
Tues (05may): A-Team, Outside the Box, Cool Function 
See you tomorrow - Kris Stewart stewart@rohan.sdsu.edu GMCS 535 Posted by: Kris Stewart
Wed, Apr 22, 2009 -- First Round of Group Demos - next 2 Thursdays Hello Game Programmers -
Tomorrow we will see the first demonstrations of group draft games in class (AH1112). We did not fix the line up of who presents first yet, but we have volunteers in class yesterday[Team/WhoseH-drive]:
Thur 23Apr2009 
Blue Balls of Destiny/Daniel M 
Ex-Cinematographers of Terminator Salvation/Colin D 
Mark Thompson 
GPR/Gaston's Notebook (final will have to be from H:) 
Thur 30Apr2009 
Joe's Mother/BigRed 
Studio7 team already presented their draft. 
We have not scheduled team Cool Functions yet. 
See you tomorrow Kris Stewart stewart@rohan.sdsu.edu GMCS 535 Posted by: Kris Stewart
Fri, Mar 27, 2009 -- Power shut down EBA - affects network & more over this weekend
Hello Gamers -
I left folks know in class yesterday, that the campus plans an update of the power systems in the EBA machine room, which impacts that campus routers, network, blackboard and such. For our class, this also directly affects our file server (cathouse) which you access as your H: drive for class using Remote Desktop Connection.

Assuming the power upgrade goes smoothly, the file system will not be turned back on until Monday morning.

I expect to be working with Bob Hilchey, our system adminstration for the games class next week to set up the Xbox 360s in the GMCS 425 lab.

Note: the GMCS 425 lab will be closed over spring break for general usage. The class file server (cathouse which you reach using edcenter1.sdsu.edu) will be available starting Monday (30Mar2009)

Have a good spring break!
kris stewart stewart@rohan.sdsu.edu GMCS 535 Posted by: Kris Stewart

Thu, Feb 19, 2009 -- Class Team for Game Project
24Feb2009 update from 19feb2009 class
Zelmanov Boris A-team 
Lannon Christopher 
Behjoo Behnam 

Kaoukabi Karim Nikomak 
Bejjani Antoine 
Jordan Chousame 

Castelo Enrique EmptyBox2 
Hull Brad 
Hoffman Josh 

Compton Jessica Studio7 
*Domzalski Michael 
Tran Randy 
Weaver Grant 

Chang Ron Mikhail 
Miranda Ann 
*Inciong Ron Mikhail EmptyBox4 

Moncada Daniel Blue Balls of Destiny 
Mcgavin Nathan 
Olivarez Edward 

Gill John EmptyBox6 
Lefanowicz Elizabeth 
McGrath Daniel 

Oaks Travess Ex-Cinematophers of Terminator Salvation 
*Dowling Colin 
Chapa Michael 
Escobar Sergio 

Tyler Wilmoth Joe's Mother 
Mayer Joseph 
* Henkel Michael 

Salas Peter EmptyBox1 
Gaston Alonso 
Gonzalo Galicia	Posted by: Kris Stewart     

Tue, Feb 17, 2009 -- Distributing GMCS 425 accounts and Selecting Groups

Last Thursday, we started the process of establishing the working groups for students in the class for your group game project. We need to finish this selection today.

The class computer accounts in GMCS 425 will be distributed and we will review the process to be used to place files in your class account on the GMCS 425 system from AH 1112 (or anywhere). Posted by: Kris Stewart

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