Tools We can Use & XNA Roundup

As we enter the final weeks of the Spring 2009 semester, it is useful to review some of the resources and tools that are available for your use.

A summary of the resources we have access to

XNA Roundup #10, Top 10 Xbox Live community Games (thanks Travess O.) nicktheduderino

The Need for Speed (a 3d racing game) 1am studios
You can download the zip-file of the game. Note, in the comments of the web page, the author states:
"Need for Speed:XNA is an XNA/C# game I wrote from scratch. It took me about 6 months of work off and on. The code is all mine, but it uses the original Need for Speed data (textures, models, tracks). Information on the file formats was reverse engineered by Denis Auroux (mostly) and myself.

I wanted to do this for a couple of reasons: To learn more about 3D coding, to play NFS1 again (the original won't run on modern Windows), and as to see if its possible to replicate (a small amount!) of a groundbreaking 14 year old game.

While working on NFS, I learnt a lot of XNA tricks and really came to appreciate the skill of the original programmers. These days computers have so much space and power, programmers can get away with being lazy. Back in 1995 things were very different...

A single example - the type of track boundary and where the boundary is located is all packed into a single byte.

You can race around every track, with basic vehicle and engine physics, collision detection and sound. There is no collision detection for traffic in this version. "

XNA Roundup no. 11 Solar and Battle Havoc