Finishing Touches CS 583/596 3D Game Programming

As mentioned in class Tuesday, each team game should have a Title/Splash (Loading) Screen identifying the team members and game name
Safari Books Online Chad Charter text for XNA Game Studio 3.0 or XNA Resources / Star Defense XNA Game Tutorial Series - Part Ten - Game Screen and Interface.
You should also completely identify which Starter Kit your group used to begin its "modding" from on a Game Screen.

On the day of our class final Tuesday 19 May 2009 3:30-5:30pm the groups will present their final game in 11 minutes (including setup) for the 11 teams in 120 minutes. You must also have your final codes on the H: drive of the group POC along with your game documentation by midnight of that Tuesday. The instructor, whose graphics capabilities are much better than those in the 425 lab and AH1112, will run the game herself to provide the groups' score. You are encourage to provide FRAPS videos of key portions of your group game that you want to ensure the instructor does not miss.

Serious Games (SDSU contact: Chris Harz) USC VR Will Treat Stress in Iraq War Vets
Chris Harz works with Prof. Eric Frost [SDSU Homeland Security Program] wanted to speak to our classes, but we were unable to work out a time with his schedule and our class schedule. Dr. Harz will join us on Tuesday [12May2009]. Chris sent the USC press release above as an example of the Serious Games that he has worked with.

Opportunity for Graduate Research Programming position starting this summer
Stewart has an NSF funded research grant, working with Prof. K. Morsi (ME) and Prof. Mark Siprut (Graphic Arts), to build a simulation of the ME lab so that a larger group of engineering students can have a "virtual lab" experience using a game environment simulation.

We have funds for a graduate student to work on programming this game this summer. I would like you to build on your XNA programming experience from this class to work with a team of ME, graphics art and CS graduate students to accomplish this.

CS 583 3D Game Programming has appeared in the 2009-2010 SDSU General Catalog and Graduate Bulletin.
I will bring the hard copy of the catalog to class.

Software from MSDNAA that an XNA programmer could use
NOTE: Windows 7 Ultimate RC (x86 and x64) are available for download PR
Sam Stokes (Microsoft Games Evangelist) provided a list of the software he recommends for XNA developers from his blog, after he spoke to our class.

"Tuesday, March 24, 2009 8:39 PM
San Diego State University: 5 minute pong demo
I met with students at San Diego State University and had a great discussion around how to make a Pong game. This game is at:

Some of the students ask about what software they should get from the MSDNAA subscription and I recommended that they get the following software:

Visual Studio Team Systems 2008
SQL 2008 Developer version
Visio 2007
MS Project
Team Foundation Server
Game Studio 3.0 (requires Dreamspark, I will send subscription cards to the professors)

I am hoping that the students will help me form an online community for California State, University of California and California Community College groups that want to prove their capabilities as developers and game designers while being the great students that atend CSU, UC and CCC systems.

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