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EdCenter News and Events
Recent texts describing activities related to the Ed. Center

News for 2000 | 1999 | 1998 | 1997

News for 2000

SDSC (San Diego Supercomputer Center) Interns "Show Their Stuff" at Poster Session
Students displayed summer research projects at August 24 event, a new article in NPACI (National Partnership for Advanced Computational Infrastructure) and SDSC OnLine magazine.

SDSC (San Diego Supercomputer Center) Student Intern Poster Presentation Summer 2000. EdCenter on Computational Science and Engineering was proud to participate in NPACI (National Partnership for Advanced Computational Infrastructure) and SDSC (San Diego Supercomputer) Student Intern Poster Presentation. Please read more about this event in article we reprinted from NPACI & SDSC Online Magazine (text by Nicole Batchelor, SDSC student intern; photographs by Jeff Sale and Zarko Petrovic).

Bringing Bioinformatics to Biology Education: A Hands-on Workshop to Develop Labs for Introductory and Advanced Courses Biology Workbench Workshop, July 28-30, 2000 at San Diego State University, is discussed in NPACI Online article

NPACI Participants Invited to Present at SIAM First Conference on Computational Science and Engineering on September 21-24, 2000

Computational Chemistry, Graphics & Visualization and the Connectedness of the Internet, SDSC Lab part of the General Atomic(GA) Plasma Institute 2000 June 28, 2000. This presentation from Dr. R. Steckler, Dr. M. Bailey and Dr. K. Stewart discussed in NPACI Online article. For more details please check the agenda for copies of the presentations.

NPACI Online article describing SDSC's Tom Perrine to Speak at SDSU on Computer Security in Academic Environment on April 27th, 2000.
Meanwhile, Award Presentation to the winners of Computational Science Olympics will be held .

NPACI Online articles about the proceedings for the third annual NPACI All-Hands Meeting (AHM), held February 8-12, 2000.

Presentation at the SITE2000
Dr. Kris Stewart and Dr. Ilya Zaslavsky made a presentation (the slides and paper)at the conference SITE2000 -Society For Information Technology& Teacher Education which is organized by AACE -Association for the Advancement of Computing in Education on Feb 8-12, 2000.

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News for 1999

Prof. Shankar Subramaniam visited the Ed Center
Prof. Shankar Subramaniam presented a Computational Sciences Seminar on Friday, Nov. 5th 1999 at SDSU. Dr. Kris Stewart hosted a luncheon for him prior to his seminar in the afternoon and toured him around campus and at the EdCenter.

NPACI Online article summarizing EOT-PACI Leaders Panel's discussion on Computational Science Education at Educause '99
Educause99 paper online: Stewart, Roscoe Giles and Ilya Zaslavsky submitted a paper to Educause 99 proceedings to complement the panel presentation on Friday 10/29/99. For detail, look at the Dr. Kris Stewart's slides of presentation ( html version ) and Prof. Roscoe Giles' ( html version ) and Prof. Ilya Zaslavsky's ( html version ).
NPACI Online article describing EOT-PACI Leaders to hold a panel Discussion on Computational Science Education at the Educause '99 conference . The program, titled "Super-Partnerships: Computational Science Curricula, High Performance Computing, and the Professional," will take place on Friday, Oct. 29.

Building on SDSU's high-speed computer network connection to Internet2, the EC/CSE hosted Carlos Casasus Director of CUDI from Mexico City, cover in NPACI Online, Sept. 9, 1999. If you would like more background on CUDI, in English, please examine the Internet2 Profile from the Internet 2 page from the University Corporation for Advanced Internet Development, UCAID

NPACI Online article giving some information about Sociology WorkBench which is available on the Web, with a collection of online resources including analysis tools, datasets, sociology research, results of public surveys, discussion groups, and pointers to professional organizations. NPACI Online.

NPACI Online article describing the new fiber-optic data network tests at San Diego State University, showing transfer of a 411MB file in less than 9sec.
July 23, 1999, Silkroad Laser/Internet technology successful test at SDSU. San Diego Union/Tribune article. Note: this daily newspaper keeps its contents online, but requires that you register. This is a free service of the Union/Tribune, but warning - you will be prompted for your login/password. You can register online and then be able to see the article. Sorry for any inconvenience.

Ed Center Offers Scientific Workshop to CSU Faculty
NPACI Online article describing the Ed Center's June 1999 scientific workshop to share ideas on how new technologies can be incorporated by CSU faculty into their undergraduate curricula.

Lecturing over the Web: traditional tools in the new environment. The SDSU Journal for Learning Enhancement encourages research into teaching paradigms and promotes collaboration by faculty through this peer-reviewed journal. The recent publication of the Zaslavsky and Stewart article documents research at the EC/CSE on distance learning on a modest budget. This is published in "Volume 2, Innovation in Teaching: Experimentation and Assessment" of the online journal at SDSU.

Minisymposium on Super-Partnerships
An extended discussion on Computational Science Curricula, High Performance Computing, by Dr. Kris Stewart, Dr.Geoffrey Fox, Dr. Roscoe C. Giles, Dr. Michael T. Heath and SIAM [Society for Industrial and Applied Math.], Atlanta, May 1999. Participants' Presentations/Slides

Open House at the Ed Center
Ed Center participates in Open House for incoming students (and their parents) at San Diego State University on March 13, 1999. See some pictures from that day.

PREP Teachers Visit Ed Center February 19, 1999
Houston teachers visit Ed Center and SDSC to explore innovative use of technology that might enhance disadvantaged students in middle high school.

Microsoft Case Study
When Ilya Zaslavsky, Ph. D., an assistant professor of geography on leave from Western Michigan University (WMU) needed to teach a class remotely from San Diego, California, he teamed up with Microsoft® NetMeeting® conferencing software. Not only did NetMeeting provide two-way audio and video conferencing to simulate a traditional classroom setting, but its shared white board, shared applications, and chat window supported real-time Web-based instruction.

AAHE CSU Preconference on Baccalaureate Ed. in the CSU
Stewart was invited present a short description of activities of the EC/CSE as part of the Presentation of Exemplar Activities in the CSU Campuses Harbor Island Sheraton, San Diego, Jan. 22, 1999

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News for 1998

Building Infrastructure ... (Stewart & Zaslavsky) presentation at SC98, Orlando, FL, Nov. 12, 1998 online paper

Building the Infrastructure for High Performance Computing in Undergraduate Curricula: Ten Grand Challenges, and the response of NPACI’s Education Center. August 13, 1998.

Scientific Visualization in the Classroom (Emigh & Zaslavsky) presentation at SC98, Orlando, FL, Nov. 12, 1998

STEP Teachers Reunite at SDSC: On September 19, 1998, STEP teachers reunited for a morning of reminiscing and camaraderie with Kris Stewart--former STEP program director--at the San Diego Supercomputer Center.

The June 10, 1998 Webmagazine Online describes the NPACI Ed Center: A Growing National Community

The premiere issue of ENVISION magazine features the Ed Center. ENVISION is the new Science Magazine from NPACI and SDSC, the successor to Gather/Scatter (January-March 1998)

SDSU Added to National Science Foundation's High-Speed Internet (2/26/98) SDSU Office of Communication

NPACI Partners Approved for Connection to NSF's vBNS UCSD,San Diego State University, Montana State University, and Washington University in St. Louis Brings Number of NPACI vBNS Connections to 20. ( March 4, 1998)

SDSU's College of Sciences recognizes the EdCenter as one of the 1997-98 Points of Excellence.

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News for 1997

EdCenter forms industrial partnership with the Math Works developer of the popular MATLAB software suite for data analysis,visualization, and modeling

NPACI Online featured the Ed. Center in its inaugural issue

Text submitted to CSU ITL newsletter "Exchanges", Fall'97:


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