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A presentation to the

American Association of Higer Education (AAHE) CSU Preconference on
Baccalaureate Education in the
California State Universities

Kris Stewart (stewart@sdsu.edu), Director EC/CSE
Assoc. Professor, Math & Computer Sciences, SDSU

January 22, 1999, Sheraton Harbor Island, San Diego


Building Infrastructure to support use of High Performance Computing tools and technologies in the Undergraduate Curriculum, a National Partnership for Advanced Computing Infrastructure (NPACI) activity for the CSU.

1. The focus of Ed Center is enhancing undergraduate curricula with High Performance Computing (HPC) tools through interaction with faculty and our own teaching

2. Software Projects is a way to explore new technologies available from NPACI partners, and engage SDSU faculty in joint development process

  • VRML to display spatial data
  • XML overview and examples from humanities
  • Sociology Workbench

3. Ed Center has been accumulating Repositories of Resources available off the Web and applicable for undergraduate teaching in various disciplines

4. As a distance learning testbed , we installed and compared several collaborative environments for distance learning (Tango, Habanero, NetMeeting), and conducted experimental distance teaching classes from SDSU to Western Michigan University (this experience described as a Microsoft Case Study in Higher Education)

5. During 1998/99, researchers from the Learning through Evaluation, Adaptation and Dissemination (LEAD, U. Wisconsin) Center perform their last of the century evaluation of the Ed Center

6. Thinking about the future: one of our goals is to expand faculty HPC experiences to the entire California State University System and the National Higher Education Community, through conference presentations, reports, and the development of the future network of Regional Education Centers

  • Cause98 (Academic Computing) (-> EduCause99>
  • vBNS network connection for SDSU, CSUSB, Cal Poly Pomona
  • American Association for Higher Education (AAHE)
  • SIAM '99 minisymposium "Super-Partnerships" [K. Stewart, R. Giles, G. Fox, M. Heath]
  • SC98 (Supercomputing '98 -> Supercomputing '99)
dissemination ** support of and rewarding interested faculty ** focused access to resources ** engaging faculty in HPC activities ** joint curriculum development ** experimentation with novel education technologies ** partnerships EOT-PACI

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