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News, Events, & Presentations for 2005

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SDSUniverse announces EPIC arrival at San Diego State University

SDSUniverse feature "Demystifying Cyberinfrastructure: When the Computer Becomes Just Another Problem-Solving Tool" introduces readers to EPIC and the EdCenter in their June 8, 2005 issue.

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Jeff Sale presents on the GeoWall and the NSDL at the Joint Mathematics Conference 2005 in Atlanta, GA, January 5-8

Jeff Sale, EdCenter Staff Scientist, was invited to give two presentations as part of two panels addressing "Emerging Technologies in Undergraduate Math Education: The GeoWall" and "NSDL and Undergraduate Mathematics and the Geosciences" at this years Joint Mathematics Conference 2005 in Atlanta, GA, Jan. 5-8. This conference serves two math communities, the Mathematics Association of America (MAA) and the American Mathematical Society (AMS). Both presentations were very well received. You may view them by clicking on the following links:

GeoWall Presentation (PowerPoint, HTML)

NSDL Presentation (Powerpoint, HTML)

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Kris Stewart presents Minisymposia on undergraduate computational science and engineering at the 2005 SIAM Conference on Computational Science and Engineering in Orlando, Florida, February 12-15.

EdCenter Director Kris Stewart was pleased to be part of a series of three minisymposia on undergraduate computational science and engineering education outreach at this year's SIAMCSE conference. Kris was joined by Peter Turner and Katie Fowler from Clarkson University, Angela Shifflet from Wofford College, and Charles Swanson from the University of Minnesota. Outreach is interpreted broadly to include outreach into the K-12 and undergraduate communities, to the educational community through assessment, to careers and employers through internships, and to the scientific community through increased awareness.

Kris Stewart presents to minisymposium attendees at SIAM CSE 2005.
You may view Kris Stewart's presentation online in either HTML or Powerpoint formats.

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