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News, Events, & Presentations for 2003

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The 2003 Computational Science Olympics Winners Have Been Chosen, May 8, 2003

Bioterrorism was the main theme of the two winning entries to this year's ECCSE Computational Science Olympics.

Both groups were comprised of students from Professor Peter Salamon's Math Modeling course. One group explored a model of smallpox spread. The other developed a model of an anthrax attack on a building.

Learn more about these winning entries...

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ECCSE Staff Scientist Jeff Sale demonstrates web-based 3D Regional Canvas of the Californias at SANDAG's monthly meeting of the Regional Planning Committee, May 2, 2003

On May 2, ECCSE Staff Scientist Jeff Sale joined other members of the Regional WorkBench Consortium to demonstrate new visualization tools to key decision-making members of the San Diego Area Government's (SANDAG) Regional Planning Committee. Attendees of this meeting included San Diego County Supervisor's Ron Roberts and Bill Horn, Escondido Mayor Lori Holt Pfeiler, San Diego City Councilperson Jim Madaffer, Metropolitan Transit Development Board Chairman Leon Williams. Explore the web-based 3D Regional Canvas of the Californias...

Jeff Sale (background, 2nd from left) demonstrates his online 3D Regional Canvas of the Californias as part of the Regional WorkBench Consortium presentation to SANDAG's Regional Planning Committee.

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The Education Center on Computational Science and Engineering receives a Certificate of Appreciation from the San Diego State University Foundation, March 28, 2003.

Director Kris Stewart accepted a Certificate of Appreciation from the San Diego State University Foundation on behalf of the ECCSE as part of the Foundation's celebration of its first 50 years in existence. The certificate was in recognition of outstanding contributions to education in the use of high-performance research tools in the undergraduate curriculum.
  ECCSE Director Kris Stewart (center) receives her Certificate of Appreciation from SDSU Provost Nancy Marlin (right) as College of Sciences Dean Tom Scott announces the recipients.

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ECCSE lead programmer Kirsten Barber presents version 2.0 of the Automated Survey Creation Process and the Sociology WorkBench at the 2003 NPACI All-Hands Meeting, March 19-21, San Diego, CA

Kirsten Barber, along with Mike Litzkow and David Woods from the University of Wisconsin, provided a hands-on tutorial for EOT resources to attendees of this year's NPACI All-Hands Meeting, held this year at UCSD's Price Center. Kirsten presented her greatly improved Automated Survey Creation Process, which now offers a user-friendly graphical user interface (gui) for building and administering online surveys.

Learn more about the EOT Tutorial...

Learn more about this year's NPACI All-Hands Meeting...

Explore the ASCP...

Kirsten Barber presents her new, improved Automated Survey Creation Process. Mike Litzkow and David Woods are seated.

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ECCSE Staff Jeff Sale presents live webcast workshop to the California State University system on remote collaboration software used for the Faculty Fellows program, February 28, 2003.

Jeff Sale was invited by the California State University's Center for Distributed Learning to present the EdCenter's experiences with remote collaboration software used in our Faculty Fellows program.

Jeff's presentation was given using Horizon Live, an archive of which may be found here.

View the original Powerpoint presentation.

View a web version of the presentation.

View the applications matrix for remote collaboration software.

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ECCSE Director Kris Stewart Co-Chairs Minisymposia on Undergraduate Education at SIAM-CSE 2003 Conference, Feb. 10-12, San Diego, CA

ECCSE Director Kris Stewart and Clarkson University Professor Peter Turner Co-Chaired two Minisymposia on computational science and engineering in the undergraduate curriculum at this years SIAM CSE 2003 Conference in San Diego, Feb. 10-12. These two minisymposia were organized by Kris Stewart, Angela Shiflet, Peter Turner and Bob White to continue the discussion of undergraduate Computational Science and Engineering programs. The scope was broad. Presentations covered programs and curricula at various levels; assessment techniques, tools and resources; course and information resources.

Kris Stewart presents her work on building assessment into the undergraduate computational science curriculum

Minisymposia participants gather for a group photo:
(l to r) Angela Shiflet, Ignatios Vakalis, Andrew Phillips, and Kris Stewart

View presentations from minisymposia participants in html (or ppt) below:

Minsymposium Part 1, Feb. 10:
Scientific Visualization in Undergraduate Computational Science Education (ppt)
- Angela B. Shiflet, Wofford College; Steve Cunningham, California State University, Stanislaus
Building Assessment into the Development of Undergraduate Computational Science Curricula (ppt)
- Kris Stewart, San Diego State University
A Computational Science Curriculum For A Liberal Arts Environment
- Ignatios E. Vakalis, Capital University
A Computational Science Case Study: Classification of Hybrids using Genetic Markers and maximum-likelihood estimates (ppt)
- Andrew Phillips and Alex Buerkle, University of Wisconsin, Eau Claire

Minsymposium Part 2, Feb. 11:
CSE in the Calculus Sequence
- Robert White, North Carolina State University
The Bachelor of Science Degree in Computational Science at SUNY Brockport (ppt)
- Osman Yasar, State University of New York, Stony Brook
The Computational Science Minor program at UW-Eau Claire (ppt)
- Marc R. Goulet, Andrew Phillips, and Paul Thomas, University of Wisconsin, Eau Claire
Resources and Open Discussion (ppt)
- Peter R. Turner, Clarkson University

View an additional related presentation given Feb. 12 by Steven Ashby on the SIAM Activity Group in Computational Science & Engineering (ppt)


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