University Senate IT Committee

Meetings usually in SSW 2667 to Video TC with IVC

03May05 Update by K. Stewart

SenateIT Annual Summary 28Apr05 Text

Agenda for Meeting April 21, 2005
Agenda for Meeting March 10, 2005
Text of Call for Vote on Voting Rights for Ex-Officio members - 17Feb05
Agenda for Meeting February 3, 2005
December 03 meeting

SDSU Instructional Technology Committees.
It may be useful to examine the wealth of infrastructure on the SDSU campus to support IT. The Senate Committee (ITC) is included.

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IT committee members (as specified from the University Senate page
Instructional Technology
Chair: Kris Stewart
Hoffman, Bob Education Dec 2005
Vacancy Business Dec 2004
Kolen, Paul Engineer Dec 2004
Seidman, Rob HHS Dec 2005
Burkett, Richard PSFA Dec 2006
Marx, Steven IVC Dec 2006
Chie, Cyndi Staff Dec 2005
Hudson, Laura Library Dec 2006
Lyman-Hager, Mary Ann Dec 2006
and ex-officio members
ITS Director (currently James Frazee)
Library IT Director (currently John Ross)
Information Security Officer (currently Felicia Vlahos)
Technology Security Officer (currently John Denune)
Representative from Business and Financial Affairs (currently Kent McKelvey)
Representative from Student Affairs (currently Kevin Carter)
Representative from University Advancement (No one has been attending yet)

Some ITC activities in 2004/05

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