SDSU and Engaging People in Cyberinfrastructure

NSF OCI 0520146 Final Report July 06 (Word Doc)
NSF OCI 0520146 Final Report June 06 (Web Page)
Our Final Report in SDSU Sciences Fusion Magazine (PDF, pages 14-15)

The development of this research:
The Education Center on Computational Science & Engineering, ( received notice from our collaborator, Professor Roscoe Giles at Boston University.
Summary of 29 June05 meeting [2 projects and their CA science standards]

14July05 - Meeting with Robert North, Hoover High School to develop the High School science curricular need

Roscoe Giles,
notifies us that the NSF grant Engaging People in Cyberinfrastructure [EPIC] is being funded.

Demystifying Cyberinfrastructure: When the Computer Becomes Just Another Problem-Solving Tool, SDSUniverse, By Amanda Padilla, Monday, June 06, 2005
San Diego State is a partner in a new National Science Foundation (NSF) initiative to educate and train a diverse group of people - from kindergarten students to professional adults - to become involved in cyberinfrastructure as developers, users and leaders.

Richard Feynman's classic explanation of physics
hooverHigh-modules-sum05 [30June05 update]
Skylar John

Revised SOW and TimelineJune05
text version

Student Programmer Postion (html)

URLs from the EPIC Kick-Off Meeting [Houston 11may05]

openGL_physics.html My starting Points 27may05 (updated with Physics Magnetics viz 3D) / Engaging People in Cyberinfrastructure [EPIC] 26April2005 Starts up
NSF announces Financial Support
SDSU Scope of Work with Student Programmer Desscription & starting point
SDSU scope-of-Work [html]
SDSU Scope of Work with Student Programmer Description & starting point [html]

Ian Pumpian Letter of Support
Ian Pumpian [web] Letter of Support
The City Heights Community Technology Center ( CHCTC) and the Hoover High Academy of Information Technology (AOIT) may be the hosts for our workshops.

EPIC-FINAL-PD.pdf The Full Partnership Proposal