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Sample of how other participating universities are using Internet2:

As part of the Virtual Los Angeles and the Virtual World Data Server projects, the UCLA Dept. of Architecture and Urban Design (AUD) is building a real-time simulation model of the entire Los Angeles basin. Applicable to Engineering and Environmental Design Departments.

Georgetown University
Interviews with Holocaust Survivors

This project provides captioned videos of interviews with Holocaust survivors and accompanying pedagogical materials. Applicable to Foreign Language (German), History and Education Departments.

Linguistics, The Old English AudioCorpus Project
This project provides spoken versions of Old English texts. High-speed connectivity allows for the transmission of much longer and higher quality recordings. Applicable to Linguistics, English, History and Education Departments.

Oklahoma State University
Internet2 and the Fine Arts
Power Point presentation put together by Oklahoma State shows how Internet2 can be used in Fine Art departments.
Applicable to Drama, Music, Art, Dance Departments.

Old Dominion University
The Chesapeake Bay Virtual Environment
This project is an application that simulates the ecosystem of the Chesapeake Bay and allows users to study it visually.
Applicable to Geology ..... Departments.

Stanford University
Democracy and Governance in Post-colonial Africa
Tthe Berkeley-Stanford Joint Center for African Studies will offer a jointly taught colloquium on ìDemocracy and Governance in Post-colonial Africaî employing Internet2 connectivity for synchronous videoconferencing and real-time, remote collaboration.

Applicable to History, Political Science, International Relations and Social Sciences departments.

University of Hawaii
Global Space Born Thermal Monitoring
HOTSPOTS ties together various sources of near-real-time data acquired by different Earth-observing satellites and processed by scientists at the Hawaii Institute of Geophysics and Planetology, University of Hawaii.
Applicable to Geology, Physics, Astronomy Departments.


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