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How is SDSU connected to Internet2?
Since June 1999, SDSU has used the Abilene Network for high speed access to the Internet.

Is Internet2 only for scientific research?
No. The purpose of Internet2 is for research, collaboration and learning.

Why are universities taking the lead in Internet2?
Universities are a principal source of both the demand for advanced networking technologies and the talent needed to implement them. Researchers, instructors and students at Internet2 universities are able to explore capabilities beyond today's Internet as they teach and learn and conduct science in disciplines ranging from the fine arts to physics.

Will Internet2 replace the current commercial Internet? Internet2 is not a separate physical network and will not replace the Internet. Internet2 brings together institutions and resources from academia, industry and government to develop new technologies and capabilities that can then be deployed in the global Internet.

What is the vBNS?
The vBNS (very high performance Backbone Network Service) is a nationwide network for research applications. The NSF, in partnership with MCIWorldcom, created the vBNS to connect NSF supercomputing centers. The vBNS now connects many universities and other research institutions.

What role does the NSF play in the Internet2 project?
The National Science Foundation plays two roles in the Internet2 project. First, the NSF created the vBNS and determines who gets to be a part of the network. Second, the NSF is a valuable source of funding for Internet 2 infrastructure and application development.

Where can I find more information about Internet2 and ongoing research efforts?
The Internet2 web site is one location. Another is the National Laboratory for Applied Network Research (NLANR).




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