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This page is a gateway to the growing list of computational resources available on-line, arranged by disciplines.

What does Internet2 Mean to Faculty SDSU EdTech 644 Student Project by Debbie La Toree and Alicia Holner, May 2000.

Projects developed by EC/CSE staff:

OpenGL projects: Trajectory Simulation, Magnetic Field, Planets, Terrain(You need glut.dll, glut32.dll libraries if you want to use source code. They were included in the source code zip file.)
NPACI All Hands Meeting "Moving Computational Science into the Undergraduate Curriculum"
A Recipe for MIXing and Searching Online Information
Problem Solving Environment(PSE)Airshed Model Manual (Edcenter can provide the software package CD)
A table that calculates the time it takes to transfer data on different types of connections
Paper on Network Security Precautions
SGML and XML Project
Digital Library Resources
Molecular Biology/Chemistry Worksheet
Cross-Platform File Archiving
Design of Ed Center Home Page - file-structure & SSI

Collected and Indexed by EC/CSE staff:

SDSU/CSU related resources: Tools for analysis of Network performance available from the following organizations:

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Last updated September 26, 2000