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VRML/WebOOGL Zoo of Mathematical 3D Objects
WebOOGL is a 3D Web browser that is a "quasi-compliant" VRML viewer. At this site there are many interesting examples including a description on how to use WebOOGL to visualize the structure of the world wide web in 3D hyperbolic space

Virtual Polyhedra
This site has over 1000 virtual reality polyhedra for exploration.

VRML Cityplots
This site is experimenting with using VRML to create a Cityplots of a matrix. A Cityplots provides a visual check on the sparsity pattern of a matrix as well as the relative magnitude of the entries.

Alpha VRML Plot
(Netscape only) An interactive 3D function plotter uses Java and VRML.

Math Zoo
(In French) An interesting site with many mathematical objects modeled in VRML.

Science: Astronomy

Hubble Space Telescope
Twist, turn, and explore this VRML (Virtual Reality Modeling Language) model of the Hubble Space Telescope. Click hot spots to learn more about its components and how this satellite works.

Irish Space Project
An interactive space adventure for the children of Ireland, conceived, executed, and delivered in under three months.

Mars Pathfinder Landing Site
This is an interactive VRML 2 model of the Mars Pathfinder Landing Site showing a rough estimate of Sojourner's traverse & current position.

Mars Gallery
VRML scene which displays NASA photos of Mars and has a lander model.

Coronal Mass Ejection
A small VRML file. For this animation, a single set of CME data is scaled and moved.

Science: Artificial Life forms

Devonian Garden
Creatures and plants and ancient organisms, oh my! Wander through a virtual garden and be nice to the inhabitants... they will grow. Courtesy of Atom in Japan.
Walking Salamander
Yet another wonderful creation from Atom in Japan, this world has an adorable little salamander that is very hungry. It is your job to feed him.
Odyssey of the Cricket
A cricket on a miniature journey.

Science: Biology/Ecology

Neural Signal Processing Group
This site uses different web-based technologies, such as Java, VRML and OOGL, to present neuroimaging.
CyberAnatomy 101
Explore the human body in a fully interactive 3D environment!
Flybrain 3D project
3D models of the Drosophila nervous system

Science: Chemistry/Physics

Atom Visualization
Darmstadt University will teach you about atoms (not the company that did the ocean walk!). And they'll teach you the way science *should* be taught -- in 3D!
IChem VRML Gallery
This gallery is an archive of VRML models. Most of them were created by EyeChem.
Chemistry Information Technology Centre
This is a comprehensive site on chemistry. Information contains here includes several molecular modeling programs as well as several practicals.
VRML in Chemistry
This site provides different techniques and examples of how to use VRML in chemsitry. Also available at this site is the PDB to VRML converter which convert a inputted pdb file to a wrl file.
Random Walks
These visualizations show particles that take a random walk trajectory and possibly hit a molecular aggregate or are lost.
Human-Machine Interface Lab
This lab uses VR extensively to simulate human-machine interface.
Molda Home Page
Molda is a molecular-model building program. It generates 3D structures from a variety of molecular science programs such as MM2, MOPAC and Amber4. Included at this site is a large VRML gallery of molecules.

Science: Medicine/Health

Virtual Skeleton
Although it's almost a week late for Halloween, Hannes Kaufmann brings us the Virtual Skeleton. The animation is in real time with only the first and last keyframes set.
Visible Human Project
Skin or no skin, this is a good and intuitive medical education device from Northeast Parallel Architectures Center of Syracuse University.
Human Eye Rotation
How your eyes rotate.

Virtual Diabetes Center
A virtual meeting place for diabetics and those concern with diabetes.

Science: Other

Places in the world
At this site you can take a tour of the SGI Island, Grand Canyon or the United Kingdom

Engineering: Architecture

MODern Home Walkthrough
Real Estate never looked so good. Now you can see a home, rearrange it a bit, and make changes *before* you purchase.

VRML Apartment
As the race to colonize cyberspace begins you might want to start with a virtual home and office. This work from Cybertown sets the stage well.
Interactive Furniture Assembly
Put together your own furniture with this fine "assembly demo" from Holland - No Dutch required!
Virtual SOMA
Virtual SOMA is an example of an online city that is more than just advertising. It is a real community, with a cross section of businesses, the arts and culture.

Engineering: Industrial

Gears in Mesh
Atom from Japan brings us another outstanding VRML application. Drag the gears around and watch your creation move
Porsche Production
When I was a kid, I loved watching my parent's car go through the car wash. This world brings those feelings straight from my childhood to the desktop. Fantasize that it is your own Porsche on the virtual production line.
Jet Fighter
Take a ride into the danger zone with this wicked jet fighter.
Robot CRS-A 460
Check out this robotic arm - move it around and pretend you are working with chemicals so dangerous you need to access them from the Internet only.
Vehicle Steering Analysis
DADS is mechanical system simulation and animation software from CADSI. This is a steering analysis result of a vehicle. You can experience it from different viewpoints too.

Engineering: Other

Robot Arm II
This may seem rather tame at first, but when one thinks about the possibilities, this interactive robot arm has potential.

NIST Car Welder
The one labeled for "SGI" works on the new PC Beta 2 browser as well.

Cable Visualization
It's only VRML 1.0, but it's an amazing visualization tool put to good corporate use. See, understand, and manipulate different types of cable.

Wheelchair Motion Animation
Using VRML to check if a building allows easy wheelchair access.
VR Research Projects & Papers
This site gives several examples and published papers in using VR in Mechanical Engineering.

Historical Reconstruction

This site is an experiment in building a large scale world in an educational context. It features a simulation of the island city Tenochtitlan.
War War I
An internet history of WWI. At this gallery there is a VRML museum of WWI propaganda posters and a VRML Hall of WWI weapons, ships and planes.


Abulafia VRML Gallery

VRML Art Gallery
This is a digital design portfolio from 'Cio'.
Chaco Exhibit
Chaco Canyon was a major cultural center from around 900 A.D. to 1130 A.D. This VRML displays some of the impressive ruins found in the desert

Earth Systems Science

VRML scene of the topography of Thornapple TWP, Barry Co., MI

This simple scene is a VRML extension of the GIS database used in Michigan GIS Institute,
and in Geog 569 class taught by Ilya Zaslavsky at Western Michigan University. Here is a description of procedures involved in converting the initial elevation points (in ArcView) to matrix of elevations, massaging these elevations in Matlab, and creating the .wrl file. Look also at virtual scene for the same area created by Arc/View 7.1 from TIN, with TIN2VRML command (after some modifications related to viewpoints). Geology of Thornapple TWP is represented by this set of layered geologic surfaces. Choose various viewpoints to have a close look.

US Environmental Protection Agency
The GIS-VIS project is a joint effort of U.S. EPA's Scientific Visualization Center and the UNIX/VMS/GIS Technical Support Group, both of whom are Lockheed Martin Service contractors working with the Enterprise Technology Service Division.
The three main goals of the project are:
1. Expand the use of GIS data in visulization environments.
2. Provide new ways to present spatial data.
3. Test emerging GIS-VIS software.

Mountaintops Models and Maps
This company specializes in 3D maps and softwares. There are some excellent VRML models at this site.

This site also contains many VRML maps of places around the country.


Animated 3D Chart
Using Java and Comos these charts display information in a very dynamic way.
An interactive exploration of stock data in 3D


Conic Section lets you move the cutting plane up and down and asradius of the circle changes it is printed.
Cybertown Virtual Freeway , a different way to view navigation


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