Random thoughts on teaching cs583 and its organization
Dr. Kris Stewart, Computer Science Professor Emeritus, SDSU

Computer game programming is a popular course with CS majors at SDSU. It can be used as one of the CS elective, students choose 4. Therefore the course needs to incorporate enough rigor to easily justify itself to the other CS faculty.

From the initial course lecture, beginnings 2013, a 5 page Syllabus was made available on Blackboard, as well as from my home page. Students who are enrolled are expected to have read over the syllabus before the first meeting in AH1112, a smart classroom on campus. Students who are adding the course, and sampling the course, can view the syllabus and supporting information from the instructor's home page www.stewart.cs.sdsu.edu. There is typically a day or two time lag for student enrolling in the course and Blackboard is only available to registered students.

These notes are meant for a future instructor and reflect on having taught the course CS 583 3d Game Programming each spring semester since 2006. 7 years of changing budgets and university support. Initially an NSF grant support the course development and paid for the software license for Garage Games' Torque Game Engine. Kris Stewart pICT presentation 2006 for local campus support.