Stewart Returns from Microsoft Academic Days on Game Development
Feb 2007

Kris Stewart was invited (by our Microsoft campus rep - Sam Stokes) to attend the 2nd Annual Microsoft Academic Days on Game Development in Computer Science Education last week. Based on her teaching of the CS 596 3d Game Programming course at SDSU, Sam felt that SDSU needed to be represented at this conference. After attending, Stewart whole-heartedly agrees with this.

MADGD_CSE_papers [Ian ParBerry, Program Committee Chair, site]

Let's start with some specifics:

2nd Annual MADGD-CSE 2007 99page conf proceedings.
Microsoft Academic Days on Game Development in Computer Science Education; February 22 - 25, 2007; Aboard the Disney Wonder Cruise Ship. Thanks to Dr. Ian Parberry for maintaining archive of the event. Wayback Machine Ian Parberry's Conference Diary with pics
picture of Disney Wonder Cruise Ship

Agenda for Conference 22-25Feb07 glad I downloaded copy (no longer online)

Disney Wonder Cruise Ship [a nice flash demo]

Some of the give-aways
  1. the SIMS2 [] from EA, Electronic Arts, a world-wide publisher of digital entertainment.

  2. Microsoft Flight Simulator X; and more

Stewart's Preliminary Conference Take-Away Stories
  1. the Computer Sciences undergraduate degree is good preparation for a career in Game Development and Programming ..., but it would be good to include courses on
    • Computer Graphics (create your own assets and appreciate the work of a team mate who is an artist)
        Why not simply download from the web? (copyright?)
        What about SDSC's Player? SDSC GameGrid, one of the models in their Archive which also hosts the 2 games created by SDSU's Ed Center on CSE by undergrad student for use at Hoover High School science labs (2005-6):
    • Software Engineering (design documents; thorough testing of software; final, updated documentation of product)
    • Parallel Programming (multicore CPU processor and powerful GPUs)
    • Computer Game Creating/Authoring (experience with at least one Game Engine, its IDE, writing event-driven calls backs to the engine specification)

  2. What is a Computer Scientist? (Have your parents asked this?)

  3. Careers in Game Programming / Development are challenging. You will be expected
    • to demonstrate your passion for the field
    • to provide proof of accomplishments in the field, e.g. you might take the project from this class and mod it further. Torque X; Gaming to the Power of X. Presented by Davey Jackson of GarageGames at the MADGD-CSE-07.
    • to have a story (short, somewhat focussed)

  4. Game Career Guide (gamedeveloper / digital edition)

Pic of Kris Stewart with GoofyKris & Sailor Goofy pic of Kris Stewart with Captain HansKris & Captain Hans