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Updated 20March 2014 to include my movie of Disneyland Flag Retreat Nov2010;
30 March 2011 to include Chronicles of High Ed cover article [21March2010]
Walt Disney Reanimated scannedDoc Section B, 26 March 2010, The Chronicle of Higher Education review article online

Walt Disney was always pushing the technology. He wanted his show "Wonderful World of Color" to broadcast in color, even though the experts said that there weren't enough people with color TVs at home yet to justify this. Walt felt they'd go to their neighbor's home who did have a color TV and see the show and realize then needed to have their own color TV in their living room too. [need a ref for this, but I know I saw it somewhere]

Have you ever attended the Flag Retreat, Main Street Plaza, at dusk? YouTube 11Sept2011 or 11Nov2010 [our family was there celebrating niece Leigh's birthday, we were standing up at the RR station, making room for the castmembers who were vets]
My movie of USMC band arriving along with vets moving in front of us

Kris [Wendy] Stewart [Beard, VHS '69] was born and raised a Marine Corps brat and has been married, since 1975, to surfer Glen. Moving every 2 or 3 years, due to USMC and then schooling through PhD, until she was hired at San Diego State University in 1984, she has a variety of hobbies and interests. One of the deepest is related to Walt Disney, through his TV show and his amusement park Disneyland. Kris is currently a Professor of Computer Science and has had the opportunity to watch this field grow up since first dabbling in APIS courses as an undergrad at UCSD [Muir College, 1973 grad].

Kris was lucky to visit the Disney Family Museum in the Presidio of San Francisco at the end of September 2009, due to being a member of Walt's Barn in Griffith Park, Los Angeles.]

Walt Disney RR Story

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