History of NAD Waikele / Waikele Gulch

This url is https://www.stewart.sdsu.edu/wendy/WSS.html;
updated 13Feb2022

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JoyceF & I are on vacation to Oahu before grad school & NAD Waikele still here

Much of this information is found at WSS, Hawaii's Most Unique Storage Facility, Waikele Self Storage-select the History tab, see image below

WSS logo
History of Waikele Caves pdf (3pgs) online
History of NAD Oahu pdf online
Navy Construction WW2, 1939on pdf 40 pages, online
Oahu p.3/40
Materials from Waikele Self Storage
Property photo tour waikeleselfstorage.com/property-photo-tour.html;
USMC Waikele Reunion waikeleselfstorage.com/u-s-marine-corps-waikele-nad-reunion-pt1.html;
Details of the storage lockers waikeleselfstorage.com/625-square-foot-lockers-with-private-entry.html

Bunkers stored munitions from 1940 to '93, Star Advertiser article pdf online