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San Diego State Univeristy

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SC97 High Performance Networking and Computing
K. Stewart and J. Bowers collaborated on an accepted paper "Building a Bridge between High Performance Computing and the Secondary Classroom", which Stewart presents Nov. 16, 1997 in San Jose, CA.

Black Gold School District, Alberta Canada
Computational Science & Education in 21st Century was presented Aug. 25, 1997 for a group of elementary, middle and high school teachers near Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Science Bridge, SDSU
Stewart's contribution on Computational Science at the July 28, 1997 program designed to introduce incoming freshmen and Community College transfer students to the many exciting endeavors in Science and Math, sponsored by the SDSU College of Sciences

CPB Ernest Boyer Technology Summit for Educators, April 26, 1997
Building a Bridge between High Performance Computing and the School Classroom invited presentation on the enduring and effective collaboration between SDSC and secondary schools in San Diego county through STEP

ACM SIG Computer Science Education, February 28, 1997
Panel discussion on Computer Algebra Systems use within computer science courses, organized by Dr. Joe Zachary of the University of Utah. Stewart's contribution, Computational Programming and Visualization addressed the use of MATLAB as a computing environment to develop student's problem solving skills through programming and visualization and computational experiments with written lab reports.

SIAM Annual Meeting, July 1996, Kansas City, MO
Poster session on Lessons Learned from In-Service Teacher Enhancement in Computational Science describing STEP and the four years of interactions with high school science and math teachers to facilitate the use of modern computational science tools in the learning environment of schools.

4th Annual Computer and Computational Sciences Program for Minority Youth at Cal Tech
Key note talk on The Wild World of Supercomputers: It's not Just FLOPS Anymore. The point I tried to make is that HPC [High Performance Computing] is not HPCCC [High Performance Computing, Communication and COLLABORATION]. Please access the link above for the actual presentation.

Supercomputing '95 Technical/Education paper (8/15/95)
High Performance Computing Curriculum Development at SDSU using SDSC resouces summarized curriculum development at San Diego State University for an upper division, interdisciplinary course on high performance computing and a lower division computational programming and visualization course designed to develop scientific problem solving skills in students new to programming.

Education Issues in Scientific Computing - SciCADE95
International Conference on Scientific Computation and Differential Equations, Stanford, CA, March 28-April 1, 1995. Invited panel coordinated by Stewart included "Overview of Academic Programs" (C. Swanson, CRI); "View from Government lab" (R.C. Allen, Sandia); "Industrial Perspective" (D. Sulzbach, Genentech); "Cooperative Volunteer Program for Undergrad Curricular Materials" (T. Marciano, Ames Lab); "Computational Science and Changing Nature of Education" (G.M. Johnson, George Mason U.)

NSF/Research Agenda for CS in Ed Tech
SDSC Press Release on Workshop Invitation

Position statement for NSF/EdTech
Personal statement of viewpoint

Invite to Minority University SPace Interdisciplariny Network (MUSPIN)
SDSC Press Release

HPC Curriculum: Web Browser for Developing, Presenting and Sharing Resources
The Web is a valuable tool for the variety of needs/uses listed in the title above..

Invite to Seminars on Academic Computing/Snowmass '95
Unique glimpse into the "administrator"s point of view

HPC Ed/Seminars on Academic Computing, Snowmass '95
Amazing meeting of Computer Center Adminstrators, Directors of Information Technology Groups, vendors of multimedia software tools and conferencing tools ... and a couple of faculty folks.

Education Issues in Scientific Computing, SciCADE95, April '95
International Conference on Scientific Computing and Differential Equations where Stewart was asked to assemble a minisymposium on the issues from the industrial, government labs, education, ... point of view

Undergrad. Computational Science Award, '94
Kris' essay that earned recognition in the 1994 awards program. You can read up more on the Dept. of Energy UCES [Undergraduate Computational Engineering and Sciences] faculty/curriculum development program.

SIAM Visiting Lecturer Program
Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics VLP

Kris Stewart VLP Entry
Kris' suggested lectures for SIAM's VLP