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Education Center on Computational Science & Engineering, a partnership activity of the NPACI and the San Diego Supercomputer Center

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Computational Science Curriculum Development
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Education Center on Computational Science and Engineering
Since it's Open House on October 10, 1997, there have been many activites on the SDSU campus, within the California State University System and the National Education Outreach and Training program. Please consult the Ed. Center's home page
Black Gold School District, Alberta Canada
Computational Science & Education in 21st Century was presented Aug. 25, 1997 for a group of elementary, middle and high school teachers near Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Ernest L. Boyer Technology Summit
Building a Bridge between HPC and the School Classroom was presented April 26, 1997 at the Technology Summit sponsored by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting and hosted by the California State Universities, EC^2, the Annenberg Incubator Project at UCSD and Los Angeles' Public Channel, KCET.
Supercomputing '96 in Pittsburgh
Outreach to Education Communities for HPCCC (Stewart's Presentation)
SDSU Block Grant Information
SDSU Block Grant Information
Computational Science Curriula - Nation Wide
C.D. Swanson's compendium on Computational Science Education
NHSE Compenium of Computational Science and Engineering Education
C'l Sci and Eng. Ed
Thank you Seymour
A Tribute to Seymour Cray
Stewart attended STEP's induction into Smithsonian Online Exhibit (6/4/96)
Access the Smithsonian Institution Innoation Network and select All Nominees from Education and Academia in 1996 and scroll down to the Supercomputer Teacher Enhancment Program (STEP) or go directly there SI/STEP or read through Kris' detailed submission with the five WWW collages of the high school science teachers who were the critical component of this program STEP
San Diego Supercomputer Center Right here in San Diego, we have one of the premier NSF High Performance Computing Centers offering many opportunities for faculty and students. The Science Discovery site is intended to introduce the General Public to SDSC.
SGI purchases Cray Research
News release 2/26/96 SGI takes over HPC

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