Timeline of Technology (and Stewart's life)
Upd: Jan. 2007/Org: June 2000, SDSU
Thank you for the motivation to reflect on my personal history of life
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A Big Picture of timelines      World History: HyperHistory Online navigates through 3,000 years of World History The Info Scout from the University of Wisconsin is useful to me.
February 14, 1946 ENIAC (U. Pennsylvania)     1997 the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) celebrates its 50 year anniversary, closely tied to the first computer. ACM is the International Professional Society of computer science. 
January 10, 1951   Wendy Christine Beard is born    My father (Lt. Col. W.O. Beard) was at Chosin Reservoir, Korea. The attention paid to this Forgotten War a few years ago reminded me that my 50th birthday came and went. 
July 1955    Disneyland Opens in Anaheim     
Spring 1969 ARPAnet is born (UCLA)   Centeniel of Golden Spike Transcontinental Railroad
Ref: Irving Stone's "Men to Match my Mountains" (Doubleday, 1956)
Kris Beard is Vista High Graduate, on to UCSD to major in Math
1978 Kris builds Z80 Microcomputer Kit
Email: qb30087@calstate.bitnet (CSU Cyber)
SDSU Masters Project "Pirates of Silicon Valley" TNT Movie describes this era. Perhaps we will critically watch next week. Numerical Analysis in BASIC, available online from  SCRUNCH available from GAMS/NIST 
1979 NASA Space Craft
(Voyager 1 Encounter) 
Internet access to email
    Stewart joins Mathematical Software team at Jet Propulsion Lab, Pasadena, with MS in Computer Science
1981 Math Software with Cleve Moler, University New Mexico (witness to  MATLAB  birth)     Stewart starts work on the PhD at the University of New Mexico, Albuquerque
1984 Stewart returns to SDSU as
Asst. Prof. in Numerical Analysis
  Apple Ads (look at 1984 Movie shown during the U.S. Superbowl) Stewart works to include computing in numerical analysis curriculum at SDSU
1993  NSF funds STEP at the San Diego Supercomputer Center (1993-1997) www.sdsc.edu/GatherScatter/gsfall94/gsfall_a8.html Supercomputer Teacher Enhancement Program  STEP [GatherScatter Fall94]     Stewart introduces high school science teachers to computational science through workshops at SDSC.
Spring 1994  Stewart's Web Page  first faculty home page at SDSU     STEP teachers jumped onto the use of the WWW 
June 2000 Map the Human Genone June 25, 2000 announcement from White House Cure for MS? Annette Funicello and I sure hope so. Chronology/Microcomputers 1995-2001 copyright [watch browser's "location" field]
Chronology/Microcomputers 1995-2002 copyright [always try to verify your data]
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PBS explains computers to public machine that changed the world WGBH, BBC, ACM, NSF, UNISYS   Triumph of the NERDS PBS Bob Cringely Nerds 2.0.1 PBS Bob Cringely  Atlas of Cyber Spaces Historial Maps of Computer Networks
Silicon Valley Computer Museum Computer History Online Exhibits     ARPANet Sept '69 drawing from Cybergeography above

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