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Mission Statement

Foster the incorporation of high performance research tools for scientific investigation into the undergraduate curriculum to better prepare learners for post-Baccalaureate activities where are used in research and problem solving.

Statement of Work brochure - Spr 2002

Goals - Undergraduate Curriculum Development

Collaborate with faculty from the College of Sciences, College of Engineering, College of Arts & Letters, College of Business Administration, College of Education, College of Professional Studies & Fine Arts, College of Health & Human Services Personal contact & focussed workshops


CSU ITL Exchanges submission
A narrative describing the Education Center submitted (6/22/97) to the California State University / Instruction Technology & Learning Exchanges Newsletter.
CalRen2 (Internet2) Participation (July '97)
SDSU participation
Construction nears completion, under the Info Dome
Hiring of EC/CSE Team, campus interviews of candidates completed last week
CSU Commission on Learning Resources & Instructional Technology (6/20/97)

Recent and Upcoming Activities