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CS 524 Compiler Construction
Spring 08 - SDSU - Kris Stewart

Practice Midterm 1 - Spr08 software [Bison] [Flex]

wiki lex
wiki yacc

Knuth, D.E., On the Translation of languages from left to right scanned from Information and Control 8, 607-639 (1965)

Overview of Project [View with browser using File/Print Preview/Scale Custom 130%]
You may want to examine this diagram of the interactions between the Scanning (using Lex, Chapter 3), Parsing (using Yacc, Chapter 6), Symbol Table (symtab.c, Chapter 8), Semantic Processing (sem.c, Chapter 7), Code Generation (using SPIM assembly code) frequently during semester.
C program structures in the project C program files comprising project

Guide to using Rohan and Technical Briefs on available software
A collection of documentation for lex, yacc, va_arg, workshop

Macro: User Manual and Report
This document gives the overview of the Target Language we will be implementing over this semester, through the individual phases, in our class project.

SPIM Documentation [PDF file]
SPIM is our target machine in CS 524 Compiler Construction. This defines the assembly language that our compiler produces. We are grateful to use the simulator from James Larus, presenting in the Appendix of the text Computer Organization and Design by Patterson and Hennessy.

Ada Reference Manual
This on-line resource to the Full Ada Language might be of use to those who want to know Ada in much more detail than is needed for this course, but is provided for completeness.

Ada Grammar in YACC
One of our textbook authors, Dr. LeBlanc, emailed me the following complete grammar for Ada a long time ago. I make it available to use, if you would like to examine it. Very detailed since Ada is such a large language.

Survey of RISC Architectures
Web Extension for Computer Organization and Design: The Hardware/Software Interface by Patterson and Hennessy (source of SPIM)