The Main Structures Comprising the Compiler Project Code
Spring 08

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The scanner generated by lex separates the user input program into tokens based on our definition of the language tokens in simple.lex

The parser generated by yacc performs the syntax-directed translation obeying our statement of the language grammer in

The Compiler Structures outlined below are:


Prog.main Stmtlist list of statements
Prog.vars Varlist alpha-list of variable names
Prog.const_listptr    list of string constants
   info ^ character string
   offset integer field to hold label index
   next ^ next in list of global strings


Root (points to SYMTABREC) (our symbol table)

Symbol Table Structure
attrs    ^attrec
left    ^ left child in symtab
right    ^ right child in symtab

Symbol Table Atribute Record with all info concerning the "id"
id:   user variable name
level:   procedure level
offset   address offset

Alpha-list of all variables
cur:     ^ attrptr
next:    ^ next in list of vars


statement description
type: STMTTYPE AssignStmt StdProcCall IfThenStmt   
     ifthen se.bexpr boolean ExprTree
        se.slist list of statements comprising the "then-block"
     assign se.lhs  ^Address Tree
          se.rhs ^Expression Tree
   procoll se.type ReadProc ReadlnProc WriteProc WriteLnProc
          se.params List of Parameters

Expression Tree Node Description
height:    height of exprTree
OP:    + - * / - fetch
ee. ee.addr ^Address Tree [fetch]
  ee.child  ^Expression Tree [Usubop]
  ee.left  ^Expression Tree
(AddOp SubOp MpyOp DivOp)
  ee.right  ^Expression Tree
(AddOp SubOp MpyOp DivOp)
  ee.btree  ^ Boolean Expression Tree

Address Node
Type:  ADDRKIND (Memory, Immediate)
ae.attrs  Memory
ae.i Integer Immediate

description of actual (I/O) parameter
Type: PARAMDESC (Reference Value String)
pe.loc ^Address Tree
pe.val ^Expression Tree
pe.where ^location of string in constlist ^next entry in list of parameters of I/O statement


type   SEMSTACKTAG   type of entry
se.addr     ^address entry
se.expr     ^expression entry     identifier entry
se.oper     OPERATION entry "typedef enum AddOp,SubOp,MpyOp,DivOp,UsubOp,Fetch,EqOp" in semform.h
se.stmt     statement entry
se.slist first statement list entry
se.plist first parameter list (I/O) entry