CS101: End of Ch5: System Software; Begin Ch6: User's Tools

Humor is always a good way to start.
You can access your Rohan account through a Web Browser
ftp://yourloginhere@rohan.sdsu.edu can be entered as the URL in a web browser. Once you "authenticate yourself" by typing in your password when prompted, you can access your files on Rohan.

General Access Microcomputer and/or Terminal Lab
Your SDSU campus provides a wealth of computer labs for general student use. How many have you personally used?

Student Computing Center
You have already visited this resource in LL200 to pick up your Rohan account. You will find people who can help you while using the equipment in this vast lab of Macintosh, PC Windows and Xterm UNIX platforms. The hours this facility are open is also extensive. Within the link above you will find Using X Terminals handy as well as the useful Student Computer Help description. NOTE:Since this last link was to a cgi-stylesheet, the Browser "Back" button may not work. If you are using Netscape, select Go for the very top menu bar and you will see the display of the URLs you just visited. Select the one corresponding to our lab today to be "back".

I would like the entire class to check this with both Netscape and with Internet Explorer and we will have a class discussion of what you discover about the behavior of different browsers.

Therefore, launch both Netscape and IE on your Windows 2000 computer today, access our lab for today, and report what you observe.

Guide to Rohan - Part 3 Working with Files
While the class is working on the "experiment" above with browsers, I would like to draw on the board a picture of the Hierarchical file organization of your Rohan account. Note, hierarchical file storage is also the mechanism using by Macs and PC Windows, where it is referred to files within folders and folders within folders.
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