University Senate IIT Committee
04 February 2010 1pm
AH1109 (FIT)

0. Our committee members - CAL Ming-Hsiang Tsou; Business Bonsik Shin; Education Bernie Dodge subs Bob Hoffman; Engineering Tom Impelluso; Health and Human Services Jong Won Min; Imperial Valley Campus Javier Fajardo; Library Lisa Lamont; PSFA Richard Burkett; Sciences Kris Stewart; Staff Lisa Heizer; ITS James Frazee/Jim Julius; Acad Affairs, John Ross; CIO, Rich Pickett; IT Sec Office John Denune/Felecia Vlahos; IT Managers, Kevin Carter; AS representative Nicholas Turner

0. Next Meeting - 1st Tuesday 10am? Room? (R. Burkett can join)

1. Meet new member next meeting. Lisa Lamont replaced Keven Jeffrey from the Library.

2. University Senate has given us a task- Online nomination and voting for University Senate membership, officers
Our report was presented to the Senate on Tuesday. There was an informal concensus that online voting should be pursue. With Portal not available, it was mentioned (by Prof. Steve Barbone) that he uses Blackboard (Bb) for anonymous student surveys in his courses. Could Bb be used for faculty voting? and Survey Gismo used for staff voting?

Issues? I invited Cathie Atkins to join us. Allison Bobrow has list of electorate from HR and feels it is easy to eliminate duplicates.
What about,,,

3. Other issues from your part of campus?
4. Status of google mail (gmail) service for SDSU
5. ATI (thought we should leave on agenda, though the effort is on hold)

6. Issues from your part of campus?

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