University Senate IIT Committee
24 sept 2009 1pm AH1112

Updated: 24Sept2009 3pm
0. Our committee members -
CAL Ming-Hsiang Tsou; Business Bonsik Shin; Education Benrie Dodge subs Bob Hoffman;  
Engineering Tom Impelluso; Health and Human Services Jong Won Min;  
Imperial Valley Campus Javier Fajardo; Library Keven Jeffery; 
PSFA Richard Burkett; Sciences Kris Stewart; Staff Lisa Heizer; 
ITS James Frazee/Jim Julius; Acad Affairs, John Ross; CIO, Rich Pickett; 
IT Sec Office John Denune/Felecia Vlahos; IT Managers, Kevin Carter; 
AS representative Nicholas Turner

1. Next Meeting - October - 4th Thursday? Fall 2009
Will fourth Thursday work for committee members? 1pm?

2. University Senate has given us a task
Online nomination and voting for University Senate membership, officers
Senate April 2009 Agenda - on p. 5 you can see the referal to our IIT committee to examine Online Senate Elections.

Can we form a subcommittee to write a report for the Senate Exec Committee? (last spring John Ross gave us an overview of preliminary discussions about using the SDSU Portal, as Associated Students (AS) does now. Ming Tsou gave summary from CAL faculty thoughts on Online Senate voting.)

3. James Frazee/Jim Julius
Plus this will allow Jim to point out the changes at the new and nearby Faculty Instructional Technology (FIT) Center. This summer, the ITS Faculty Room got a major make over, and a new name: the FIT Center. The FIT Center (AH 1109) continues to be a place for faculty to get hands-on tech support while creating materials for instructional use, professional presentations, and non-funded research and publication. But it also is a comfortable informal environment for faculty productivity, learning, meeting, and collaboration. The FIT Center also features several drop-in topical sessions each week, with rotating expert consultants from ITS, the library, faculty, the Center for Teaching and Learning, and others on a variety of technologies and techniques directly related to teaching and learning. The schedule for upcoming sessions may be found in the SDSU NewsCenter: http://newscenter.sdsu .edu/sdsuniverse/news.aspx?s=71551 or the ITS website:

Jim's summary of points presented

4. Rich Pickett - Updates on Identity Management and plans for
The recent Sept/Oct 2009 issue of Educause Review Vol 44 online, has good articles that are directly applicable for us in Higher Education. One article, in particular, Identity Management and Trust Services, p. 23-43, looks applicable. Consider Figure 1. A Model Framework for Identity Management Systems. Whoops! Students Read Each Other's Emails Should Your Email Live In The Cloud? A Comparative Cost Analysis - Forrester Jan 2009

5. ATI updates? (Accessible Technology Initiative - Bonnie Zimmerman/Rich Pickett)

6. Issues from your part of campus?

Spr 09 IIT meetings with agenda
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