University Senate IIT Committee
19 nov 2009 1pm LL430

0. Our committee members - CAL Ming-Hsiang Tsou; Business Bonsik Shin; Education Bernie Dodge subs Bob Hoffman; Engineering Tom Impelluso; Health and Human Services Jong Won Min; Imperial Valley Campus Javier Fajardo; Library Keven Jeffery; PSFA Richard Burkett; Sciences Kris Stewart; Staff Lisa Heizer; ITS James Frazee/Jim Julius; Acad Affairs, John Ross; CIO, Rich Pickett; IT Sec Office John Denune/Felecia Vlahos; IT Managers, Kevin Carter; AS representative Nicholas Turner

1. Next Meeting - Dec - 3rd Thursday - 17 dec 2009 1pm Room?

2. University Senate has given us a task- Online nomination and voting for University Senate membership, officers
John Ross has a "negative" update for us.
From Nick Turner: "asked around AS and got opinions on how the webportal worked for the elections. I also ran in the election, so I can talk about how it worked for me. The only thing that no one knew was who designed it. In addition, the emails of the executive officers follow: tyler boden -, Jeremy Katz -, Alyssa Bruni -, Ignacio Prado -, and Natalie Colli - I believe they would have a very good opinion on how well webportal worked."
Spoke with Val Renegar (SenExec) for clarification and she said it was to reduce the paper and simplify the process of elections. Also Bonnie Z. had an online process used in Fac Affairs courtesy of Cathie Atkins and Suzanne Aurelio.
Suzanne Aurelio will join us today to share her experience and give a demo.

Senate April 2009 Agenda - on p. 5 you can see the referal to our IIT committee to examine Online Senate Elections.
We formed a subcommittee to write a report for the Senate Exec Committee? (last spring John Ross gave us an overview of preliminary discussions about using the SDSU Portal, as Associated Students (AS) does now. Ming Tsou gave summary from CAL faculty thoughts on Online Senate voting.

3. iPhone map of campus
Students have iPhones and other mobile devices which they use to plan their walking route between classes at SDSU. The CoS Associated Students has approached me about a project to get latitude & longitude for each building on campus so that this information can be used to update the campus list of buildings Has Geography already considered this? Ming Tsou just shared the movie. Others?

Is this something our committee wants to look into? AS funds.

4. Status of google mail (gmail) service for SDSU
5. ATI (thought we should leave on agenda, though the effort is on hold)

6. Issues from your part of campus?

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