University Senate IT Committee - 03Nov05 2pm

We will meet in the College of Business Administration's Electronic Board Room SSW 2601, kindly set up for us by committee member Bongsik Shin.

Our Agenda for Thursday

1) Feedback from Senate Officers on name/charge change
Bob Cademy presented our [suggested change adopted at our October 05 meeting] to Senate Chair and Vice-Chair and met with Kris Stewart and John Ross afterwards to talk over a possible altered memo that might be accepted by Senate Exec for passing along to the full University Senate. One consideration is that the size of the committee be kept "workable" (not too large) and that all members vote. The Senate IT Committee did vote last year and agreed to extend voting rights to our Advisor/Consultants. Now keeping the committee to a workable size would mean cutting number of faculty representatives.

Possible Revised Memo for name change and membership
Your Thoughts?

2) 2:30 Riny Ledgerwood joins us to answer any question on Mirapoint
Mirapoint is the software running on
Stewart reply to Email Message from Sally Roush [Roush response to IT Committee memo, Stewart request to ITC]
Email Message to Campus [postpone MiraPoint, from Riny Ledgerwood] [Campus Instructional Academic Computing Committee] [SDSU Information Technology Committees - note: our Senate IT Committee is listed]
How are your IT support staff handling email filtering?

3) Issues with your college? Your colleagues?