TO: San Diego State University Senate


FROM: Kris Stewart, Chair

Instructional Technology Committee


Re: Change to Policy File





University Senate Standing Committee on Instructional Technology, requests proposes a changed in name, charge, and membership to:
New Name: Instructional and Information Technology Committee
With New Proposed Charge:
Instructional and Information Technology Committee
 The Committee shall advise the administration and the Senate on instructional and information technologies. 
The Committee shall assist the Directors of ITS, the Library, the Academic Affairs Information Technology Officer, 
and other campus IT offices, as appropriate, in with developing long-range master plans and shall review and 
make recommendations on the mission and services of ITS, the Library and Academic Affairs on instructional and 
information technologies. Pursuant to this responsibility, the The Committee shall consider any matter 
referred to it by the Senate or by the administration of the University (and may consider, 
at its own discretion, other matters relating to instructional and information 
technologies at the campus and CSU system-wide levels.) The committee shall review 
and provide feedback on campus information technology initiatives as related to 
instruction, research and operational needs.
Membership: (all voting members)
Advisors/Consultants: Professional Staff Advisors/Consultants:
 Director of Instructional Technology Services
 Library IT Director
 Academic Affairs IT Coordinator
 Representative from Information Technology Security Office (ITSO)
 Chair IT Managers Committee (possible addition?)
 Technology Security Officer, Student Affairs
 IT representative Business and Financial Affairs
 IT representative from University Advancement
Members: (all members shall have one vote):
 9 6 faculty representatives
 1 from each of 7 colleges, 1 from the Library and
 1 from Imperial Valley Campus
 1 staff representative
 1 student representative (appointed by Associated Students)
From Current Charge:
Instructional Technology
 Assists the Director of Media Technology Services in developing a long-range master plan for media resources;
reviews and makes recommendations on the mission and services of the center; reviews and makes 
recommendations on pertinent annual reports and budgets; initiates recommendations for policy changes 
in instructional development and media systems at campus and system levels. 
Current Membership 
Instructional Technology
Chair: Kris Stewart
Hoffman, Bob Education May 2006
Shin, Bonsik Business May 2008
Impelluso, Tom Engineer May 2008
Jong Won, Min HHS May 2006
Burkett, Richard PSFA May 2007
Vacancy IVC May 2007
Chie, Cyndi Staff May 2006
Dworak, Ellie Library May 2007
Lyman-Hager, Mary Ann A & L May 2006
Likens, Brian, Assoc Students
Since 1993, the beginning of Mosaic web browser, there has been a dramatic expansion of the use of the Internet. 
This has led to wide-spread use of networked technologies, even to having the San Diego City Bus System display 
a URL on their buses. With this widespread usage over the past decade, has come increased performance and 
capability. Also, increased responsibility for each network user.
 The University has recognized this responsibility with the creation of the Information Technology Security Office 
(ITSO), a campus-wide responsibility. Additionally, Academic Affairs has hired an Information Technology Officer.
 The University Senate has no standing committee to look into issues of Information Technology and with the 
growing dependence of the university on computer-assisted/enhanced mechanisms for communication, 
collaboration, research and instruction, we feel the current committee [Instructional Technolgoy (IT)] is 
best suited to expand its responsibility to the Senate to examine these issues. Please note that in recent years, 
the Senate has asked the Instructional Technology committee to look into the appropriate student email policy, the computer security document as well as the Technology infrastructure upgrade.
 It is recognized that technical expertise will be needed on this committee, and therefore extensive participation 
from the Advisors and Consultants listed above is requested. We understand that the University Senate policy does not 
provide for a committee to increase its own voting membership and therefore prefer no change in member, but a 
recognition of the importance of participation by the campus IT committee as Advisors and Consultants.