University Senate IIT Committee
Agenda - 20 April 06 - North Art 215 - 2pm

Agenda - 20 April 06 - N Art 215 - 2pm IIT Committee:
Stewart (Sciences), Hoffman (Education), Shin (Business), Impelluso (Engineering), Min (Health&Human Services), Burkett (PSFA), Chie (Staff), Dworak (Library), Lyman-Hager (Arts/Letters), Likens (AS), Frazee (ITS), Ross (AA), Vlahos/Denune (ITSO), Carter (IT Managers), Vacancy (IVC) [working on adding: Javier Fajardo]
1. What are the Instructional and Information Issues from your part of campus?

2. James Frazee will give a brief update on ITS (summer plans) for the committee. Jim Julius, Asst. Director ITS update

3. Firewall updates from your group?
Last month, Jim Varnell sent the following note to Sciences Faculty & Staff - might be useful as a talking point. Email with brief description and request for info and contents of form.
Victor Hazlewood's Security at SDSC PPT from last month's meeting.
Mary Thomas' Firewall for Distributed & Grid computing at SDSU from last month's meeting.

4. Referral from David Ely (University Senate) - update from Cyndi Chie?
David Ely email referall
Does the University Policy File need to be updated? Or what is the appropriate way to get the word out to students?
ITSO has a SDSU AUP statement [thanks John D. for pointing this out] - Is this enough?

5. We need to submit our annual report to the University Senate with update on terms
Volunteers to work with the committee chair?
Member Terms Bob Hoffman, Mary Ann Lyman-Hager, Jong Won Min, Cyndie Chie terms end May 2006 - willing to continue to serve? Others issues?

6. Stewart attended CENIC 2006 [Corporation for Education Network Initiative in California] over spring break.
Will summarize highlights of program for the group. Also attended First-Mile on Fiber at CalIT2. These presentations have been archived and are available FirstMile Big Broadband Conference at CalIT2 [featuring Gavin Newsome, Mayor of San Francisco; Larry Smarr, Director CalIT2; Tom West, National Lambda Rail and more]. Note Newsome proposes San Francisco be the first US city to provide free wireless access to all and Tom West has current and historical network maps and discussion leading to fiber.
And TechEd06 in Pasadena to meet GarageGames developers of software used in her SDSU Game Programming course.

7. Final Meeting? [Note: 09May06 is final University Senate meeting]
Reference: Memo to Deans, Chairs and Interested Parties of SDSU campus
As we agreed, a memo was sent to the "interested parties" that you identified to be most pertinent for your College or Division.
Memo widely distributed to announce IIT [Word Doc] txt version