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Meet the EdCenter team!

Kris Stewart,

Kris Stewart is the founder and Director of the EdCenter. She is a Professor of Math and Computer Sciences, SDSU, and a SDSC Senior Fellow. She has been teaching a variety of courses focused on high performance computing, including Introduction to Computational Programming and Visualization (CS205), Supercomputing for the Sciences (CS 575) and currently teaching Compiler Construction (CS524). Recent presentations can be viewed from EC/CSE News and EC/CSE Presents. Some of her early efforts and presentations are available on-line. Project STEP (Supercomputer Teacher Enhancement Program) is one of her many outreach activities.

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Kirsten Barber

Kirsten Barber is an alumni of SDSU , graduating with a B.S. in Computer Science. She now serves as Programmer/Analyst and Oracle DBA at the EdCenter, leading development on such projects as the Sociology Work Bench Version 2, the Automated Survey Creation Process and the Computer Assisted Screening Tool in collaboration with the Language Acquisition Resource Center at SDSU.

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John Nguyen

John Nguyen is a SDSU student, majoring in Computer Science. Having joined the EdCenter in 2001, John has been integral in the development of the Tijuana River Watershed Image Atlas, the CAST project and 3D Visualizations for the K-20 science curriculum.

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Skylar Hayes

Skylar Hayes is a SDSU student, majoring in Computer Science. As the newest member of the EdCenter team, Skylar is collaborating with John Nguyen and several science teachers from Hoover High School to develop 3D Visualizations for the K-20 science curriculum.

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