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                    Java Radiology Viewer
                                   This applet shows the human brain in detail. It allows the user to choose
                                   which level of the brain to view and the corresponding view will
                                   appear in the next window.

                    Visible Human Viewer
                                   This is essentially the same applet as above. Instead of the brain, it shows the
                                   human body.

                                   An applet simulating a flock of birds using three
                                   steering behaviors:
                                   1. Separation: steer to avoid crowding local flockmates.
                                   2. Alignment: steer towards the average heading of local
                                   3. Cohesion: steer to move toward the average position of
                                       local flockmates.

                                   This is a molecular viewer applet. It allows the user to
                                   enter the PDB number of the molecule he wishes to view.
                                   The user can rotate the molecule and zoom in and out of the

Earth Science

                    Blue-Skies for Java
                                   United States interactive weather map.


                    Computational Physics. Problem Solving With Computers
                                   This is a new book by Rubin Landau and Manuel Paez
                                   containing computational physics Java applets


                    Math Wizards
                                   This is the Java implementation of a Matlab clone.
                                   It uses syntax very similar to Matlab.

                    3D Plotter
                                   This is an extensive 3D plotter. It allows plots using trig
                                   functions, sqrt(), log() and many other functions. It is a
                                   very flexible graphic program, allowing zoom and scaling.

                    Buffon's Needle
                                   A Java applet that estimates the value of Pi using the
                                   Monte Carlo method.


                    Stock Applet
                                   This is a stock price tracking applet. Once you entered
                                   in the company you wish to look at, it will display its stock
                                   prices for the last several days.

                    Currency Exchange Calculator
                                   This applet calculates currency exchange based on the
                                   rates posted at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York.


The above are just some sample applets available on the web.
If you can't find anything of interests here, try some of the following links:






These are some of the Internet storehouses for Java applets.
They have everything imaginable, from graphics to signal processing, arts to
computer science, and of course games.

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