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The mission of the Education Center on Computational Science and Engineering (ECCSE) is to foster the incorporation of high performance research tools for scientific investigation into the undergraduate curriculum. Our main goal is to better prepare learners for post-Baccalaureate activities where collaborative interdisciplinary teams, sophisticated computer tools, and effective communication are part of the research and problem solving environmen

The ECCSE Team of faculty, students, and staff accomplishes its mission through a variety of education outreach projects, presentations, and training, with a focus on working with faculty within the system to support change in the undergraduate curriculum. The undergraduate curriculum impacts:- Technical workforce preparation - Preservice preparation of teachers - Future researchers

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The ECCSE is supported in part by NSF cooperative agreement ACI-9619020 through computing resources provided by the National Partnership for Advanced Computational Infrastructure, whose leading-edge site is the San Diego Supercomputer Center.

The ECCSE is part of the Education, Outreach, & Training Thrust of the NPACI/SDSC/EOT Partnerships. Our primary affiliates are:

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This URL is http://www.edcenter.sdsu.edu/indextextonly.html

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