Kris Stewart has experienced a professional re-awakening

Kris Stewart has experienced a professional re-awakening, beginning with the 18 January 2005 speech by John Seely Brown at SDSU John Seely Brown's Web Page, Chief Scientst Xerox Corp and Director of Xerox PARC

Some references from Suzanne Aurilio, Assistant Director, PICT - People, Information & Communication Technologies, Qualcomm Institute for Innovation and Educational Success, San Diego State University 5500 Campanile Drive San Diego, CA 92182

Note in the pICT archive are related references for the John Seely Brown Speech at SDSU 18Jan05.

Also, (Stewart copied and then modified relative URLs to be absolute, 02june06)

EDventures in Cyberspace:
Creating Assignments that Motivate Students
to Find the Right Stuff

CTL/pICT Lunches on Learning
September 8, 2005

PowerPoint Presentation
Further Information, Resources & Help (Word)
WebQuest Template (Word)
Workshop -- A WebQuest about WebQuests (Word) & Worksheet (Word)

NSF funding for Engaging People In Cyberinfrastructure (EPIC)
Ed Center on CSE continues to Engage People In Cyberinfrastructure
Our Report May06 with supporting figures and pictures

CS 596 3d Game Programming Course Spr06
After attending the pICT Faculty Fellowship [22-25 May 2006], Stewart is starting to characterize some of the aspects of success.