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Stewart's participating in Microsoft Academic Days on Game Development, cruise feb07
Stewart and Sailor Goofy
Stewart and Captain Hans
Mickey Slide It's an amazing ship! [flash]

La Jolla Rough Water Swim - 2005 - 2006 coming soon?

Don Burns Corona Del Mar 1 mile swim 28aug06
Image hosted by Not over till you have your stick! by katprich Image hosted by
by katprich

Balboa Pier -> Newport Pier (2mile swim) 08july06
Image hosted by thumbs up by katprich Image hosted by by katprich 0mystuff/index.html

Disneyland and California Adventure 03aug06, our first "coolish" day!
Dwight Crum Pier to Pier 06aug06 - kris win her age group at 2mi swim

MtRoseHiway 18dec05 - need to get kris to Reno Airport
Truckee - Glen's furniture 18dec05

Goat Canyon Trestle 05 Feb 01

Jim Stewart's veranda Medicine Hat, Alberta, CANADA

Disney's Calif Adventure

View current photos of trains passing thru Tehachapi A World-Famous Railroad Construction Achievement of the 19th Century The Tehachapi Railroad Club
Tehachapi Marker We camped just below, on tracks, for Kris' 50th Birthday
Tehachapi campsite_with_hill
bnsf at Tehachapi Loop
Tehachapi campsite distance
Tehachapi campsite tracklevel
kris Tehachapi setup in the rain
BNSF ups_freight

disneyland train
evil_queen visible infrequently in window
glen and mr. toad
glen and indian
jan 10 dland uncrowded

campo (montagues and stewarts) ride the SDRM Train from Campo to Tecate
mom (janet beard) in campo
kris and janet on train

dancing with the goof (2001)
MStreet RR
Nowhere in ParticularMr. Toad

Old (abandonend) Bonsall Bridge
Walt/partner @ Holiday time
Kris with Lindsay S., Matt M., and Annalisa R SDSU 2001 graduation (in regalia)