CS 490: Senior Seminar
Fall 2012 - Dr. Kris Stewart
EBA 251 1-1:50pm

This handout is located at sci.sdsu.edu/~stewart/cs490/.
We will use Blackboard extensively, but not for our first class today.


Professor Kris Stewart
Phone: 594-7243
Office: GMCS 535
Office Hours: MW 10-11:30a

Take role. cs490_Crashform_f2012.pdf - if you must crash this course, we ask that you fill in the following form and turn into Amy Jensen in the CS office - GMCS 4th floor. We will have a centralized process to handle adds among all CS 490 sections.
"How To" Sample PPT Slide Show [Prof. Vuskovic]
Effecitve Presentations by Jeff Radel, KU Medical Center
Preparing an Oral Presentation [Thank you Prof. Vuskovic for pointing this out]

Who is your audience?

Course Requirements

Each member of the class must prepare and deliver three oral presentations on topics related to Computer Science. The first should be 10 min long and cover of a hobby of yours related to CS. The second must be concerned with some social or ethical aspect of computing. The third presentation must highlight technology and may be on any topic you choose (as long as it is related to Computer Science). Presentations should be about 15 minutes long.

We recommend that you present topics about which you have some special interest or knowledge. You could also base your presentations on papers that you find in sources such as Computer or Communications of the ACM. Please see me individually if you have questions about whether a topic is suitable, or if you need help in finding a topic to present. Here are some topics that were presented in past semesters:

Digital Image Processing
Video Game Design
Intel MMX technology
TCP/IP Protocol Suite
Climate Prediction Models
Computers in Law Enforcement
Gambling on the Internet
Virtual Retinal Displays
Computer viruses
Software Piracy
(The Myth of) Internet Addiction
PERL/CGI and the Internet

Your course grade will be calculated (approximately) as follows:

Oral presentations = 70%
Class participation = 30%

Class Guidelines

  1. Today I would like to have 4 volunteers willing to present on 10Sept2012 a ten minute presentation on a hobby of yours, related to CS.
  2. Part of your course grade will be based on class participation (giving other people feedback on their presentations). This means that class attendance is important! As a courtesy to other speakers, please make every effort to be in class on time (or even a few minutes early).
  3. I encourage you to use PowerPoint or some other type of software in your presentations. (The classroom currently has PowerPoint 97 for the PC and PowerPoint 98 for the Mac.) Be sure to try this software in the classroom (before the day of your presentation) to check that everything is working properly. Please contact me to arrange a time to do this.

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