Pirates of Silicon Valley from TNT
Class Discussion Assigment

Kris Stewart, GMCS 535, San Diego State University

Critically view this film and we will have a discussion Monday on what is true and what is not.

In class Wednesday, we viewed the first three parts, had a glitch in playing part4 and ended with part5 (due to time) from the YouTube contributions linked below.

In class, we are discussed what does critically view mean? This is related to critical thinking. In class, you came up with the meaning that you are to question what is presented.

Using wikipedia, we have:
Critical thinking is purposeful and reflective judgment about what to believe or what to do in response to observations, experience, verbal or written expressions, or arguments. Critical thinking may involve determining the meaning and significance of what is observed or expressed, or, concerning a given inference or argument, determining whether there is adequate justification to accept the conclusion as true. Hence, Fisher & Scriven define critical thinking as "Skilled, active, interpretation and evaluation of observations, communications, information, and argumentation."[1] Parker & Moore define it more narrowly as the careful, deliberate determination of whether one should accept, reject, or suspend judgment about a claim and the degree of confidence with which one accepts or rejects it.[1] = Fisher, Alec and Scriven, Michael. (1997) Critical Thinking: Its Definition and Assessment, Center for Research in Critical Thinking (UK)/Edgepress (US). ISBN 0-9531796-0-5

Your Assignment for Monday:
Using you personal computer science expert knowledge, identify four pivotal events (topics or incidents) in our current computer world in the film Pirates of Silicon Valley. For each of these items, how truthfully was this portrayed in You are to view the remaining portions the film? What are your references that support your judgement?
Bring a written or electronic document with your findings to class Monday for our discussion.

Part 1

Part 2

part 3

part 4

part 5

part 6

part 7

part 8

part 9

part 10
what is different about part 10 on youtube?

Part 10 with sound