CS 440 - Social, Legal and Ethical Issues in Computing
Fall 2012
EBA 251 MW 2-3:15pm

Kris Stewart, Professor
stewart [at] rohan.sdsu.edu
Computer Science Department
San Diego State University

Office Hours: GMCS 535 MW 10-11:30a or by appointment
Course Prerequisite: CS108 Intermediate Computing Programming

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CS 440 Social, Legal and Ethical Issues in Computing (SDSU Catalog)
Textbook: Gift of Fire 4th Edition, by Sara Baase: cover of textbook

Impact of computers, applications, and benefits, copyright, privacy, computer crime, constitutional issues, risks of computer failures, evaluating reliability of computer models, trade and communications in the global village, computers in the workplace, responsibilities of the computer professional.

CS 440 provides opportunities to study and better understand how our profession, Computer Science, contributes to our world. We will cover most of the text book through readings and class discussions. As the semester progresses, you will be expected to develop your own answers to the following questions, and provide evidence to support your answer:

How does society interpret the place of computers in an individual's life?
How does the computing professional respond to the expectations of society?
How can you start the Life-Long process to remain current in your field?
How can you place Sustainability into your thoughts?

US Dept Justice CyberCrime, an extensive resource kept up-to-date

Required Activities:

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