CS 101 Meeting in BAM 120 Windows/PC Lab
K. Stewart / 20 March 02

Today, we will follow up from Chapter 5 "System Software" to use Windows 2000 BAM 120 lab to access the UNIX/Solaris8 Rohan computer.
  1. Start Menu - Select X-Win32
  2. Once this software signs on, you will notice an icon in the lower right tool bar with a "stylized X". Use your mouse to select then and click on "rohan"
  3. Be patient and you will see the X-Windows login for Rohan
  4. Enter your login and password for Rohan
  5. At the command line you can start up programs - first pine

Official SDSU student home page

Rohan Guide to Make HomPage
Please note the "Minimum Requirements" and how your page is listed on the campus-wide service.

SDSU WWW policy

Today (20Mar02), examine the official SDSU policy and ensure that your page is following the "Minimum Requirements". Then update your personal web page and send url to stewart@rohan.sdsu.edu before our next lab meeting - March 27.
Last week - we you were asked to begin to work through the BATS Web Site and BATS Web Page handouts to prepare your own home page on Rohan.
Mar 13, BAM 120 Lab
Some students have sent me an email with their URL, but I now want each student to revisit their page directly on Rohan and use the Xwin access and pico on Rohan to edit the files in your public_html directory to ensure it looks as you expect.

This URL: http://www.stewart.cs.sdsu.edu/cs101/lab20mar02_bam120.html