CS 101 Meeting in BAM 121 Windows/PC Lab

Interactive Labs (requires Shockwave Plugin for Browser)
Interactive Labs from McGraw-Hill (uses Shockwave Plugin) NOTE: use only the first lab [and next to last one for fun]
Using Binary Numbers and A Digital Revolution ONLY

Video we saw in class last week
KPBS Triumph of the Nerds by Bob Cringely   Through video recollection, see the beginning of the PC Revolution. Chips, software, from hobbyists to businesses. 

Another video - the machine that changed the world with focus on Mainframes and Supercomputers, insteads of PCs

In lab today, you should start to read this collection of information sources. NOTE: There are two active learning exercises contained in this Web Document. Please use your "Personal Rohan Account" to accomplish these two email exercises. Ensure that your email is readable for others by the previous exercise when you read the email sent to yourself. Do not forget to give your email in your email message.

For those who have their Rohan accounts, we will log in (using telnet and set up your .forward so that your email send to Rohan will be sent to an account of your choosing. You create a file, whose name is .forward and whose contents are the alternate addresses

I would recommend using the Unix editor pico

Have you tried out Rohan Webmail


Have you obtained your Personal Rohan Account? (pink-sheet handout from last few weeks)
We will walk to LL220 at the end of lab today to ensure everyone has completed this process.
BATS (Baseline Access, Training and Support) is a California State University initiative to provide all students, faculty, and staff with "baseline" access to information resources via networks, training in the uses of baseline hardware and software systems, and ongoing professional and technical support for utilization of computer resources at San Diego State University.
The University of Washington makes available the Program for Internet Nets & Email (PINE) system that many students at San Diego State University find useful.
  1. Read the email you sent to yourself last week in lab
  2. Did the email come from "Generic User"? If it did, please reread last weeks handout and follow the steps to "Change your Finger"
  3. Read along the bottom of the Pine window for the possible commands or instructions.
  4. Save the email in a directory (or folder)