CS 100 - Fall 2011 - Fundamental Ideas in Computer Science

Alice cartoon Cover of textbook Learning to Program with Alice

Undergraduate Catalog Description:
CS 100. Fundamental Ideas in Computer Science (3)
Prerequisite: Satisfaction of the Entry-Level Mathematics requirement.
Capabilities and applications of computers. Algorithmic problem-solving methods and computer programming. Using computers to examine questions from other fields of study. Practical and theoretical limits to computation. Machine intelligence and heuristic problem solving. Social and legal impact of computers.

Textbook: Learning to Program with Alice, 3rd Edition. Wanda Dann, Stephen Cooper, and Randy Pausch, Prentice Hall, 2012.
http://www.coursesmart.com/IR/1632717/9780132571050 @cs / d0

http://csprinciples.org/docs/APCSPrinciplesAnnotations20110204.pdf Course Annotations (7 pages)
http://csprinciples.org/docs/APCSPrinciplesBigIdeas20110204.pdf Big Ideas, Key Concepts and Supporting Concepts (8 pages)
http://csprinciples.org/docs/APCSPrinciplesPractices20110204.pdf Computational Thinking Practices (2 pages)
http://csprinciples.org/docs/APCSPrinciplesLearningObjectives20110204.pdf Learning Objectives and Evidence Statements (14 pages)
http://protocols.netlab.uky.edu/~calvert/classes/cs100/index.html CS 100: Intro to the CS Profession Prof. Kenneth L. Calvert, U Ky Fall2010

AP Computer Science Principles

http://csprinciples.cs.washington.edu/ncwitmovie.htm America's Got Talent: But Not Enough is Going into Cs
http://csprinciples.cs.washington.edu/thecase.html An Open Letter to the Computer Science Community [Executive Summary]