Concept Maps and Advice

Kris Stewart for CS 490
Spring 2012

Dr. Kris Stewart (
San Diego State University

In CS 490 today, we will survey a variety of resources on making presentations for different purposes. Our base reference from Jeff Radel is our starting point:
Why do you think the Kansas University Medical Center sponsors this work? Who do doctors speak with?

The most profound presentation I have ever heard, due to its content, is from Jill Bolte at TED (Technology, Entertainment, Design).

Jill Bolte Taylor TED talk on "How it feels to have a stroke". 20 min

Contrast this with Cliff Stoll's presentation

UK has a valuable Along with samples, there is the 1. Thou shalt not be boring, 2. Thou shalt not be rude, 3. Thou shalt not be unprofessional, 5. Thou shalt not say sorry, 6. Thou shalt not lose sight of the audience, 7. Thou shalt not fear questions
Essential Presentation Skills. we get asked the same question many times - "Help, I've got a presentation coming up next week and don't know what to do?" In this survival guide we highlight the three skills that YOU MUST KNOW before your next presentation. They are tried and tested and make it very easy to improve your performance.
Essential Presentation Skills - the three things YOU MUST KNOW. Here we expose the three essential pieces of information that can make your presentation fly. Most of these are common sense, but you'd be surprised how often they are missed out.
The Three Presentation Essentials
  1. Use visual aids where you can
  2. Rehearse, rehearse, rehearse
  3. The audience will only remember three messages
Ditch the bullet points - use pictures instead.
"If you fail to prepare, you are prepared to fail"
People tend to remember lists of three things. Structure your presentation around threes and it will become more memorable.

Concept Map - What is a Concept Map?
Since you have a computer of your own, I strongly recommend installing IHMC Cmap software And you might find the following 2 minute tutorial useful.