University Senate IIT Committee
13 May 2009 noon AH1130 ConfRm
Please bring your lunch to eat during meeting.

0. Our committee members -
CAL Tsou, Ming-Hsiang;  Business Shin, Bonsik;  Education Hoffman, Robert;  
Engineering Impelluso, Tom;  Health and Human Services Min, Jong Won;  
Imperial Valley Campus Fajardo, Javier; Library Jeffery, Keven [Sub Daniel Jergovic]; 
PSFA Burkett, Richard (Matt Hebert); Sciences Stewart, Kris;  
Staff, Lisa Heizer; ITS Frazee, James;  Acad Affairs, Ross, John; 
CIO, Pickett, Rich; IT Sec Office Denune, John/ Vlahos, Felecia; 
IT Managers, Carter, Kevin; AS representative Nicholas Turner

1. Next Meeting - Fall 2009 - please stay tuned

2. University Senate has given us a task
Online nomination and voting for University Senate membership, officers
Senate April 2009 Agenda - on p. 5 you can see the referal to our IIT committee to examine Online Senate Elections.

John Ross will give us an overview of preliminary discussions about using the SDSU Portal, as Associated Students (AS) does now. We have feedback from CAL about faculty thoughts on Online Senate voting. Ming, could you please summarize for your college? Any other thoughts?

3. James Frazee gives overview of ITS updates / Distance Learning Policy (see our April 8 meeting for Senate Discussion/voting)

4. ATI updates? (Accessible Technology Initiative - Bonnie Zimmerman/Rich Pickett)

5. IT Audit Summer 08 updates?
Stewart attended meetings with Assoc. Dean Pat Papin for the College of Sciences, James Varnell, IT Security Office and College Sciences IT Leads last month. Tremendous praise for SCEC and the efforts of Jim Varnell. How do other Colleges deal with these evolving IT requirements?

6. Course Forgiveness Policies change for Fall 09
In our last meeting, we mentioned the CSU C.O. coded memo specifying changes in grading. This has now been shared with campus Academic Advisers, by Sandra Cook (email) and available online from

7. Issues from your part of campus?

Spr 09 IIT meetings with agenda
Fall 08 IIT meetings with agendas
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