University Senate IIT Committee

1. Our new committee member, Ming Tsou, CAL, will join us 08April08

2. Next Meeting 08 April 08 Admin Bldg [01April08 is Spring Break]

3. Updated Draft on Blended Learning
 DRAFT University Senate Policy regarding Hybrid 
Course Designation based on our discussion at the February 5 meeting.

A hybrid class shall be defined as any class in which 20% to 50% of scheduled 
class sessions are conducted by means in which student and instructor are not 
in the same physical location (e.g., teleconferences and online communication):

a. Hybrid classes shall only be offered following consultation with department 
chair and department curriculum committee.

b. The department chair and department curriculum committee shall ensure that the 
syllabus for any hybrid class complies with university policies (see ACADEMIC 
RESPONSIBILITIES, 2.0) and that grading policies and procedures are consistent with 
expected learning outcomes stated in the course syllabus.

c. Hybrid classes shall be so identified in the official schedule of classes which 
shall notify students of any requirements for participation in class activities outside 
class session times indicated in the schedule.

d. The schedule shall notify students of any software and hardware required for 
participation in class meetings taking place when the student and instructor will 
not be in the same physical location, except when such hardware and software are 
accessible in the library or in open computer labs on campus.

The effectiveness of hybrid classes shall be assessed on a regular basis 
and assessment data should be considered during periodic academic reviews. 
Classes that exceed the 50% limit are considered distance education classes 

4. Updates for Secure Mail on campus - have you gotten feedback from colleagues?
From:        Rich Pickett 
Subject:     Reminder - E-mail Security Enhancements
Date:        Tue, 26 Feb 2008 17:04:42 PST
To: Faculty and Staff

From: Rich Pickett
Senior Director and CIO
Enterprise Technology Services

Subject: Reminder - E-mail Security Enhancements

A reminder that effective March 1, 2008 all e-mail accounts must u
tilize secure settings in order to access e-mail through  e-mail client software
 (e.g. Eudora, Outlook).  Our webmail site ( uses secure
 technology and does not require individuals to make any changes when using this
 method for accessing e-mail.  

The original e-mail message is included below in the event that you did not rece
ive the notice, or were unable to make the changes at that time.  The schedule f
or implementation for other campus e-mail systems is also described.   In additi
on we have enhanced the documentation on the TNS Help Desk site listed in the me

Important Note:  If you access your e-mail from your cell phone, you will also n
eed to confirm that you are using secure POP (POPS) or secure IMAP (IMAP).  When
ever possible, we also encourage the use of secure SMTP with cell phones.  We an
 unable to provide support for cell phone settings; however, general information
 will be posted by the end of this week on the TNS Help Desk site.

========= Original message sent Jan. 11, 2008 =================

As a further step to enhance e-mail security, SDSU is implementing enhanced proc
edures for campus e-mail systems.  In the initial phase we will be securing the 
transmission of login IDs, passwords and e-mail messages between the e-mail clie
nts (Eudora, etc.) and the mail servers.

This will ensure that your e-mail messages and login credentials are not transmi
tted in the clear over the Internet, thereby reducing the possibility that your 
account could be compromised by others.  This change will also facilitate our co
mpliance with CSU security requirements.

These standards will affect all SDSU e-mail servers, including auxiliary organiz
ations and those that have external access through the campus firewall.  The fir
st phase will involve accounts.

It takes only a few minutes to configure your e-mail client (Eudora, Thunderbird
, Outlook, Entourage, etc.) to take advantage of this increased security.  You w
ill need to make these changes to both your on-campus and off-campus e-mail clie

These changes do not affect Webmail access. Our Help Desk has posted useful guid
es to lead you through the process for accounts.

These documents can be found at:  
For assistance with e-mail systems other than, please contact the 
respective e-mail administrator.
After the following dates, only secure transmissions with e-mail servers will be
 permitted through the campus firewalls.
    1. - Feb. 29, 2008
    2. rohan, sciences, kahuna and auxiliary organization servers - March 30, 20
    3. All other campus e-mail servers - April 30, 2008

If you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to contact our Help
 Desk or myself.